Vampire Hunter D
Vampire Hunter D

Release Info

Released in 1985. Produced by CBS Sony Group Inc., Epic/Sony Inc., and MOVIC. Animation by Ashi Productions and Studio Live.

Plot Summary

In the year 12,090 A.D technology and the supernatural have overtaken the world. But thanks to the overzealous ambitions of man, the world remains desolate and despotic. What's left of the human race is divided into various towns and cities living in fear of vampires who compose and exist as the Nobility, fending off the monsters and mutants as a result of their existence. One night five days after Count Magnus Lee had harmlessly tasted the blood of Doris Lang and chosen her to be his next wife, she hires a vampire hunter by the name of 'D' to rid her of such an ill-gotten fate. As a dhampir (half-human, half-vampire), there exists a distinct resentment between the hunter and his prey. But as the Count finds out, there is also a peculiar secret behind the past of the Vampire Hunter D.

My Thoughts

This movie is so awesome!! You have a badass vampire hunter battling it out with bizarre super-powered monsters. The main character, D, is not your typical vampire hunter and has a few surprises up his sleeve. He faces werewolves, vampires, witches, generic monsters, and even rival hunters. The soundtrack is eerie and goes so well with the dark feel of the movie. The backgrounds and character designs are so creative. They portrayed well the feeling of a dark, eerie world overrun by monsters. I highly recommend this movie.


Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust

Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust


A vampire hunter quests to rescue a kidnapped girl from monsters.

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More Shots

Behind The Scenes

Secret File

9 min

The original behind the scenes view of the production of Vampire Hunter D.

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It's all about cool eerie electronic music. I love the opening songs.

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