Dragon Half
Dragon Half

Release Info

Released in 1993. Produced by Production I.G and Kadokawa Shoten. Animation by Production I.G and Studio Takuranke.

Series Plot Summary

Mink—the daughter of a dragon and a retired dragon-slaying knight—sets out on a journey to get tickets for a concert held by Dick Saucer, world-famous teen idol and dragon hunter. Meanwhile, the corrupt king of the land is trying to take her hostage to get at her mother, and his magic-using daughter seeks to foil Mink's quest out of sheer spite.

My Thoughts on the Series

Dragon Half is one of the cutest anime series I've ever seen! In almost every scene the characters turn into chibi midgets. What I like about the humor in Dragon Half is that it's funny. You won't find the typical dry, generic slapstick anime humor here. The characters are just so crazy! At times you'll find yourself gasping with a smile, thinking “Haha how terrible!” This series, unfortunately, with only 2 episodes it was never finished. But I offer the manga for download if you want to experience the entire story. And the story in these two episodes doesn't introduce an arc, so when you finish watching you're not left hanging with anything.

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CaseSince the Dragon Half series was never finished, I am offering the full manga for download so you can experience the entire story.