Release Info

Released in 1992. Animation by Anime-Aru.

Series Plot Summary

Several hundred years after Anthrasax destroyed modern civilization, a group of four lords plans to set this old god free once again. To prevent this from happening, a former ally of the four is released from his 15 year imprisonment. Dark Schneider, a sorcerer who once tried to conquer the world, now fights to save it.

My Thoughts on the Series

Bastard is a short but high-quality fantasy themed anime series. The main character, Dark Schneider, is a douche anti-hero. But deep down he actually has a big heart. The story shows that as he reconnects with his lost companions. Expect to see some awesome magic used all throughout the series! Dark Schneider specializes in fire and lightning magic. Despite the series never being finished, it does have a satisfying climax and ending. If you love fantasy, I highly recommend Bastard.

Side Note

In the subtitled versions of these episodes, they begin with an opening sequence dubbed in English. Don't worry! The rest of the episodes are in Japanese with English subtitles. I don't know why they did that (it wasn't me).

Episode List HQ = High Quality   LQ = Low Quality