Ghost Sweeper Mikami
Ghost Sweeper Mikami Movie

Release Info

Released in 1994. Produced by Toei Animation.

Plot Summary

The world is overrun with annoying, troublesome ghosts and monsters of lore. To get rid of them, people hire battle-ready exorcists known as Ghost Sweepers. The story focuses on Mikami, a powerful (and greedy) Ghost Sweeper. She faces her biggest challenge yet, as the world’s most powerful vampire is resurrected and wreaks havoc on the city.

My Thoughts

I love this movie. It’s silly and cartoony. Even though the movie focuses on comedy, it actually has some pretty awesome battles. It’s strange that despite the Ghost Sweeper Mikami anime series never being released in North America, they released this movie anyway.


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These soundtracks are a mix of tracks from the movie and the TV series.


These soundtracks are a mix of tracks from the movie and the TV series.

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