Kishin Corps
Kishin Corps

Release Info

Released in 1993. Produced by Pioneer LDC. Animation by AIC and Ginga Teikoku.

Series Plot Summary

Against the backdrop of World War II, humans are also fighting against alien invaders. The Nazis and the Kanto Army are trying to steal alien technology to gain an advantage. Using the same alien technology to power giant robots, the Kishin Corps tries to keep the Axis powers and the aliens in check.

My Thoughts on the Series

What if during World War II, the Allied Powers had giant mechs? And what if there was an alien invasion as well? Kishin Corps answers that question with a fascinating, well-written story. Even though it takes place during World War II, the story doesn't involve or reference any events of the war. The most it does is mention the Fuehrer a few times.

Hands down, Kishin Corps is one of my favorite anime series!! I'm not even an avid fan of giant mech anime. Kishin Corps is just so well made. It feels like a long movie rather than a repetitive series. It's full of lovable, unique characters. The giant mechs were designed realistically for the era with vacuum tubes and early turbine engines. The soundtrack is good, too. I highly recommend watching Kishin Corps!

Episode List HQ = High Quality   LQ = Low Quality


CaseThis is an orchestrated variety soundtrack. Only 2 of the 7 tracks are from Kishin Corps. The other tracks are from other giant mech anime.
*Included in the zip is a collection of audio rips that I ripped from the anime itself. I've been unable to find the official soundtrack, so doing this was the next best thing. I really love Kishin Corps' music!