• Shamanic Princess

    Shamanic Princess A mage from the Guardian World has been sent to recover a powerful magic artifact

  • Tales of Phantaisa

    Tales of Phantasia Based on the popular game, heroes of time challenge a sorcerer who has brought chaos to every era

  • Bastard!!

    Bastard SeriesA dark sorcerer with attitude is hunted by an ambitious kingdom

  • Legend of Crystania

    Legend of Crystania Series In a magical land governed by gods, a band of heroes struggle to stop an evil resurrection

  • Ys Book 1 and 2, and Ys II

    Ys Anime SeriesBased on the Ys game series, Adol struggles to save Esteria and Ys from all evil

  • Cyber City Oedo 808

    Cyber City Oedo 808 Three convicts are recruited by the police to fight crime in a cyber punk future

  • kishincorps

    Kishin Corps During WW2, the Allied Powers use giant robots to battle Nazis and an alien invasion

  • Golden Boy

    Golden Boy A pervert takes on a series of part-time jobs

  • Dragon Half

    Dragon Half The hilarious adventures of a half dragon half human girl

  • Final Fantasy: Legend of the Crystals

    Final Fantasy: Legend of the Crystals Based on Final Fantasy V, a group of heroes protect the sacred crystals

  • Night Warriors

    Night Warriors Vampires, ghosts, werewolves... all are real and one man seeks to destroy them

  • RG Veda

    RG Veda Six mystical warriors must gather to defeat a ferocious general to restore peace

  • Explorers

    Explorers In a world of fantasy and magic, two explorers seek the Ultimate Power

  • New Dominion Tank Police

    Dominion Tank Police A vigorous new female recruit to the Tank Police wages war against crime

  • Miyuki-chan in Wonderland

    Miyuki-chan in Wonderland Miyuki goes on a magical journey through a Wonderland full of... lesbians?

  • Fire Emblem

    Fire Emblem OVA Prince Mars leads his army to battle the invaders bent on conquering the entire continent

  • Ninja Resurrection

    Ninja Resurrection Jubei helps the Japanese government destroy evil mystical forces

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