Gall Force: Eternal Story
Gall Force: Eternal Story

Release Info

Released in 1986. Produced by AIC, Animate, ARTMIC, MOVIC, and Sony Music Entertainment. Animation by Ashi Productions, Maki Production, Star Productions, Studio Bogey, Studio Fantasia, Studio Mac, and Studio Pom.

Plot Summary

Two races, the Solnoids and the Paranoids, have been waging a war for centuries. Barely surviving a large scale space battle, seven Solnoids set a course toward Chaos, a planet set to be the new homeland for their race. A malfunction during the light-speed journey makes their ship jump ahead of their fleet forcing them to encounter several problems on their own.

My Thoughts

The Gall Force movie series is a candy store for the sci-fi fan. It has plenty of space battles with starships and mechs. At one point it feels like Alien when they have a monster on board. I love this movie but I wouldn't recommend it to everyone. To like it you need to appreciate 80s anime sci-fi.


More Shots

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All Gall Force movie soundtracks, including the special soundtracks.


All Earth Chapter Soundtracks. The quality of these soundtracks are not the best. I haven't been able to find a better quality version.

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You can buy this movie from Amazon. It goes for around $20-40 (US). You can buy the full DVD movie set as well.


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