Neo Tokyo
Neo Tokyo

Release Info

Released in 1987. Produced by Kadokawa Shoten. Animation by Madhouse and Project Team Argos.

Plot Summary

A collection of three short science-fiction stories. The 50 minute-long film has three segments, each under a different screenwriter and film director: Rintaro's “Labyrinth Labyrinthos,” an exploration into the maze of a little girl's mind, Yoshiaki Kawajiri's “Running Man,” focusing on a deadly auto race, and Katsuhiro Ōtomo's “Construction Cancellation Order,” a cautionary tale about man's dependency on technology. In addition to original music by Godiego's Mickie Yoshino, two prominently feature famous pieces of Western classical music: the first of Erik Satie's Gymnopédies and the “Toreador Song” of Georges Bizet's Carmen in “Labyrinth” and “Morning Mood” from Edvard Grieg's Peer Gynt score, in an ironic manner, in "The Order."

My Thoughts

This movie follows a similar vein as Robot Carnival by covering several science fiction animated shorts. The first story, Labyrinth Labyrinthos, is bizarre and eccentric. The second story, Running Man, is cool involving paranormal superpowers and racing. The last story, The Order to Stop Construction, is the standout (by the creator of Akira).

While Robot Carnival was popular enough to get a Bluray release, Neo Tokyo only got a limited DVD release. Then it fell into obscurity. I don't understand why--I think both of these movies were great.


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