RG Veda
RG Veda

Release Info

Released in 1991. Produced by Animate, KSS, MOVIC, and Sony Music Entertainment. Animation by Animate.

Series Plot Summary

At the dawn of time, the gods ruled the universe under the leadership of the mighty Tentei. But suddenly, the ferocious general, Taishakuten, appears, and destroys Tentei. Taishakuten declares that a new age has begun, and all who oppose him will die horribly. But legend says that a shimmering six-pointed star will rise into the heavens and restore the world to a golden age. The six points are six warriors, each with the power to move the stars and the hearts of all people.

My Thoughts on the Series

RG Veda is a really awesome fantasy anime!! It's got mystical swordsmen, a summoner, demons, gods, and lots of magic! Everything you'd expect from a fantasy. I really like it. It's cut off short at 2 episodes, but please don't let that turn you off. Each episode is 45 minutes long; double the length of the usual anime episode. Episode 2 gets to the point and they challenge the main villain. It doesn't end terribly unconclusive. I have the manga for download if you want to experiene the entire story.

Episode List HQ = High Quality   LQ = Low Quality


Surprisingly, this is a lot of music for just a 2-episode anime. It's very J-pop.




CaseSince the RG Veda series was never finished, I am offering the full manga for download so you can experience the entire story.