They Were Eleven
They Were Eleven

Release Info

Released in 1986. Produced by Kitty Films and Victor Entertainment. Animation by Magic Bus.

Plot Summary

The elite Cosmo Academy attracts applicants from every stellar nation in the galaxy. One young hopeful is Tadatos Lane, an orphan esper from Terra. The final stage of the academy's entrance exam is a perilous mission simulation aboard an actual derelict starship. The applicants depart for the ships in groups of ten, but when Tada's crew arrives on the Esperanza, they are horrified to discover that they now number eleven.

My Thoughts

Here's a great anime classic from 1986. It may look old, but I think its classic style gives it a charm. I admit that, at first, I only watched this movie because it was recommended. It wasn't that appealing to me so I kind of had to push myself to watch it. But my first impression couldn't have been so wrong. This movie is excellent! The story pulled me in. I thoroughly enjoyed it. It juggles the eleven characters well as you're enthralled into an intense mystery.

In a team that was supposed to consist of ten, who is the eleventh person? Is he/she a traitor? And what is the mystery of the ship? Why does one of the characters know so much about the ship? He must be the traitor, right? The movie presents series of questions that keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end. I think it's cute that before showing the credits they tell you what every character does after they join the academy. It gives a sense of realism.


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