Ninja Resurrection
Ninja Resurrection

Release Info

Released in 1998. Produced by Amuse Video and Phoenix Animation. Animation by Ashi Productions, C.D.I., Hana Production, Production I.G, Production I.G Niigata, Studio DEEN, Studio Live (Tamazawa Animation Office), Studio MOLA, and White Line.

Series Plot Summary

Jubei helps the Japanese government to take control over a city that was under Christian leadership. It was ruled by someone who could be seen as the new Jesus. But since he died, he has been reborn now, but not as a new Jesus but as the devil himself. It is up to Jubei to take him out before the world has become one giant massacre.

My Thoughts on the Series

Ninja Resurrection is an intense anime! If you're religiously sensitive, the story might be too much for you. It's about Christian persecution after the feudal period. Thankfully, though, the story doesn't spend too much time on that. Ninja Resurrection is all about the crazy plot twists and awesome battles. Of which, are gory and violent. The soundtrack is good, too. It's a shame the series was cut short with only two episodes. I recommend it if you love bloody ninja anime.

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CaseThe full soundtrack from the short lived series. It's actually a pretty good soundtrack. The tracks are relaxing, consisting of flutes and Japanese style melodies.