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Playable Characters

Rudo's profile picture

Rudo's sprite in the gameRudo Steiner

Race: Palman (Hunter)

Rudo casts Gifoi Rudo attacks

TechniqueTechnique Notes

Rudo can't use techniques, because he's one of those tough-guy-but-no-brain people.

CombatCombat Notes

Since Rudo can't use techniques, he should fight with his gun! At the very beginning, you may want to use Rudo to heal people with medicine, instead of Nei, because Nei does more damage. When Rudo gets more powerful weapons and gets a little higher in levels, you'll want him to attack, and let Amy do the healing.

EquipmentEquipment Notes

Rudo's shotgun hits one entire group of enemies, but his stronger weapons will only hit one. It's your choice as to which one you use. As always, upgrade your equipment whenever you come across a town that has more powerful and durable items. When you go pay a visit on the scoundrels in Shure, Rudo will probably be the weakest one in your party. When you come out again, though, go to Arima and buy him a shotgun, which can do up to 20 points of damage to an entire group of enemies! Hooray! Remember, though, when you find the cannon in the Roron dump, give it to him. It will always do more damage.


Name Level Lv Type Description
Rudo can't use techniques
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