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Amy's profile picture

Amy's sprite in the gameAmy Sage

Race: Palman (Medic)

Amy casts Gifoi Amy casts Res

TechniqueTechnique Notes

Amy is a doctor, and therefore has a plentiful supply of healing techniques. Although she isn't as proficient as Raja of PS4, you should include her in your party when you go on long, wearisome journeys. Have her cast Sashu in big battles to give your party better defensive skills. If you're desperate, and Amy just doesn't have the time nor the TP to pull off a few Sars, have her use Nasak. That's only if you're desperate! Remember, you need to have her around, or you'll be wasting much money on medicine.

CombatCombat Notes

Use Amy as backup, primarily. She doesn't fight very well with anything, but if push comes to shove, you can have her attack with one of those acid shots or better yet, a silent shot. With a silent shot, she can paralyze any enemy, and make combat much simpler for you (this is a highly effective thing to do in the Biosystems Lab).

EquipmentEquipment Notes

If you prefer a more powerful Amy in your group, get her two fire staffs, which have the same effect as Foi when used. With those, Amy will be pretty strong, almost as strong as Nei.


Name Level Lv Type Description
Res 1 Healing Restores 20 HP to one ally.
Shu 2 Status Increase Increases defense power of one ally.
Deban 4 Protection Creates a shield that protects all allies.
Foi 5 Attack Deals 12-18 HP of damage to a single enemy.
Anti 5 Healing Cures 'POISON' status for one ally.
GiRes 6 Healing Restores 60 HP to one ally.
Sar 9 Healing Restores 20 HP to all allies.
Sak 10 Healing Sacrifice your life to fully heal one ally.
NaSak 12 Healing Sacrifice your life to fully all allies.
NaRes 15 Healing Restores all HP to one ally.
SaShu 15 Status Increase Increases defense power of all allies.
Rever 24 Healing Brings a dead ally back to life. If the target is alive, restores him/her to full HP.
Saner 25 Status Increase Increases all allies' agility.
GiSar 27 Healing Restores 60 HP to all allies.
NaSar 30 Healing Restores all HP to all allies.
Gra 39 Attack Deals 16-24 HP of damage to all enemies.
Musik n/a Special Allows the user to play the piano.
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