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Playable Characters

Anna's profile picture

Anna's sprite in the gameAnna Kirski

Race: Palman (Guardian)

Anna casts Gifoi Anna attacks

TechniqueTechnique Notes

Anna is more of a physical fighter. She doesn't get many good techniques, so I would only use them as backup (she's comparable to Alys of Phantasy Star 4).

CombatCombat Notes

Anna should attack regularly in combat. If she dips too low in HP, have someone else heal her. If there is no one around to use a Res technique on her, take one round out to use a Dimate on herself. She is a powerful fighter, so get her back into the battle as soon as possible. She should be the next person you use Rever on, after Rolf, if such a need occurs.

EquipmentEquipment Notes

She only has a boomerang when you first meet her, but buy her two slashers as soon as possible. From then on, always use twin blades. She will do a great deal more damage this way, and make the game much easier. Make sure she's in your party when you go to Dezo; she can wipe out those big nasties with great ease!


Name Level Lv Type Description
Foi 1 Attack Deals 12-18 HP of damage to a single enemy.
Ner 6 Status Increase Increases one ally's agility.
Shift 8 Status Increase Increases Anna's attack power.
Fanbi 16 Attack Damage and drain HP away from one bio-monster.
Zan 32 Attack Deals 14-20 HP of damage to an enemy group.
Musik n/a Special Allows the user to play the piano.
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