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Playable Characters

Nei's profile picture

Nei's sprite in the gameNei

Race: Numan

Nei casts Gifoi Nei attacks

TechniqueTechnique Notes

Nei only gets four techniques, total! She is not very strong in technique power, because of this, but you can use her as backup. In the beginning, she will be very useful, because only she possesses knowledge of the Res technique. You can use her two Sak techniques, if you want, but you need her for her attacking strength. Don't use Sak unless it's absolutely necessary.

CombatCombat Notes

Always have Nei attack, unless there is a need for healing, and Amy isn't in the party. She has a surprising amount of physical strength which you need to take down baddies. She gains levels twice as fast as any other party member. When you're in the Tower of Nido, though, and Rudo has a shotgun and Rolf has a sword, you should use Nei for defense, because she will be the weakest at this point.

EquipmentEquipment Notes

Nei fights best with two weapons. Buy her two steel bars at the start of the game, and upgrade them every time you get to a town that has better quality weapons. If you don't have enough money, go out and hunt bio-monsters. You need to have the proper weapons in order to make defeating enemies easier. Nei is the only one in the game who won't wear a carbonsuit. She is described as "quick and agile, disliking a heavy load". If you need a little cash, you can distribute her items among party members before she fights Neifirst. Remember, even if she kills Neifirst by herself (which can happen), she will die because they share strong mental bonds. Think of them as twins who separated after birth.


Name Level Lv Type Description
Res 1 Healing Restores 20 HP to one ally.
Anti 16 Healing Cures 'POISON' status for one ally.
Sak 20 Healing Sacrifice your life to fully heal one ally.
NaSak 24 Healing Sacrifice your life to fully heal all allies.
Musik n/a Special Allows the user to play the piano.
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