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Playable Characters

Hugh's profile picture

Hugh's sprite in the gameHugh Thompson

Race: Palman (Biologist)

Hugh casts Gifoi Hugh casts SaGen

TechniqueTechnique Notes

Hugh's a biologist, and when you first meet him, you'll want to include him in your group. In the first half of the game, he will be very helpful, using such techniques as Vol and Sagen to kill off any organic creatures you encounter. After the fight with Neifirst, however, most of your enemies will be mechanical, and at that point, he won't be of much use. You'll want to trade him in for Kain. But, before that, include him when you go to Roron or any other dungeon, so he can wipe the screen clean.

CombatCombat Notes

In combat, Hugh should help your party with supportive offense techniques, like Gen. He shouldn't fight hand-to-hand at all unless he doesn't have much TP left. Even at that point, have him heal other people, regardless of whether Amy is with you or not.

EquipmentEquipment Notes

Hugh isn't a very strong fighter, much like Amy. You should give him two acid shots if you want him to fight at all. I don't think he can use fire staffs or silent shots, so rely on him mainly for technique power. Do buy him a laser knife when you reach Zema. It will give him some attacking strength at least. He should also carry a mirror shield, a highly effective defensive barrier.


Name Level Lv Type Description
Doran 2 Status Ailment “Confuses” one bio-monster.
Rimit 3 Status Ailment ”Paralyzes” one bio-monster.
Gen 3 Attack Deals 15-20 HP of damage to one bio-monster.
SaGen 6 Attack Deals 15-20 HP of damage to all bio-monsters.
Shinb 6 Special (Rarely) causes one bio-monsters to run away.
Shiza 7 Status Ailment “Silences” one bio-monster.
Res 8 Healing Restores 20 HP to one ally.
Foi 9 Attack Deals 12-18 HP of damage to a single enemy.
GiFoi 12 Attack Deals 30-40 HP of damage to a single enemy.
Vol 15 Attack Chance to instantly kill one bio-monster.
Zan 18 Attack Deals 14-20 HP of damage to an enemy group.
SaVol 24 Attack Chance to instantly kill a group of bio-monsters.
Gra 27 Attack Deals 16-24 HP of damage to all enemies.
GiRes 30 Healing Restores 60 HP to one ally.
GiGra 33 Attack Deals 32-44 HP of damage to all enemies.
GiZan 36 Attack Deals 24-36 HP of damage to a group of enemies.
Musik n/a Special Allows the user to play the piano.
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