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Rolf's profile picture

Rolf's sprite in the gameRolf Landale

Race: Palman (Agent)

Rolf casts Gifoi Rolf casts GiFoi

TechniqueTechnique Notes

Rolf starts out only with Foi, but he eventually learns an eclectic collection of techniques. He will have the best overall offensive technique power. At level 35, he will learn the devastating attack Megid, which drains every party member of half their HP, and uses that energy to do deadly damage to your enemies. When Rolf learns Zan, it'll be helpful in getting through dungeons with more powerful creatures, but don't overuse it, or you won't have enough TP to do anything else! Another group of useful techniques he learns is the Tsu family. When you fight Neifirst, use his highest level of Tsu and you should have no problem at all.

CombatCombat Notes

On regular enemies, Rolf should usually engage in hand-to-hand combat, since he doesn't have many supportive techniques. If there's a whole group of enemies that you just don't feel like fighting, use something like Zan or Gra. At bosses, have him use his best offensive techniques to make them easy pickings.

EquipmentEquipment Notes

Rolf only has a knife in the beginning, and you can get him a second one if you want, or just save up for a sword, which will do much more damage than both of them combined. My advice is to stick with two knives for Shure, and then get him a sword before you take on the Tower of Nido. Without a sword at that point, you're as good as dead.


Name Level Lv Type Description
Res 1 Healing Restores 20 HP to one ally.
Foi 1 Attack Deals 12-18 HP of damage to a single enemy.
Ryuka 4 Special Teleports you to the last town you saved the game in.
Tsu 5 Attack Deals 24-32 HP of damage to a single enemy
GiFoi 5 Attack Deals 30-40 HP of damage to a single enemy.
Hinas 7 Special Automatically transports you outside a dungeon.
Zan 7 Attack Deals 14-20 HP of damage to an enemy group.
Gra 10 Attack Deals 16-24 HP of damage to all enemies.
GiThu 11 Attack Deals 85-95 HP of damage to one enemy.
NaFoi 14 Attack Deals 125-150 HP to a single enemy.
GiRes 16 Healing Restores 60 HP to one ally.
GiZan 16 Attack Deals 24-36 HP of damage to a group of enemies.
NaZan 24 Attack Deals 100-120 HP of damage to all enemies.
GiGra 28 Attack Deals 32-44 HP of damage to all enemies.
Rever 30 Healing Brings a dead ally back to life. If the target is alive, restores him/her to full HP.
Megid 35 Attack Takes 1/2 HP from each party member except Rolf, and deals that number of HP damage to the enemy.
Musik n/a Special Allows the user to play the piano.
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