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Our Hero


Alen The Chosen One

This is you, the hero and main character of Alcahest. He was the one who has been chosen to defeat Alcahest and save the world. In order to gain the power to do that, he must find the four guardians. Each guardian grants him a new attack and the ability to summon them in battle. Alen can equip different types of armor and level up. He can also defend against enemy projectiles with his shield by facing its direction and standing still.


Sword Power: ~

Your standard sword slash.

Special AttackSpecial Attack

Spinning Slash Cost: 0

Hold down the attack button to execute a spinning slash attack.

Your Partners

Garstein Garstein

Garstein The Magician

Fantasy games aren't complete without a wizard! Garstein, a pupil of a magic academy, meets Alen in stage 1 during his journey to research legends. After stage 1, you meet Garstein a couple more times throughout the game.


Magic Bolt Power: 14

Shoots a magic blast (looks like a ball of ice) that homes in on enemies. It's very effective! It's almost a cheat attack, making the game easier.

Special AttackSpecial Attack

Flame Ring Cost: 1 SP

Attacks all enemies on the screen with explosions. Just when you thought Garstein's regular attack was useful, his special attack is even better by wiping away all enemies!

Elikshil Elikshil

Elikshil The Princess

You meet Elikshil in stage 2 as she is praying for the swordsman from legend to arrive. With her healing, she's probably the most valuable partner in the game. She's a lifesaver in the ending stages.


Energy Shot Power: 14

Shoots a tiny magic pellet. It travels a pretty long distance, so it's not completely useless.

Special SkillSpecial Skill

Heal Cost: 1 SP

Uses white magic to restore your health. It's the only healing ability available in the game. It gets better - she heals you automatically when your health is low so you don't even have to worry about it.

Sirius Sirius

Sirius The Knight

You meet Sirius in stage 3 when you are both dumped into a dungeon by the evil general, Gordon. This Arthur-ish knight is pretty cool. His attack is very effective! It's strong and has a long range.


Iron Ball Power: 18

Attacks with an iron mace. It extends past you like a long whip. When fully extended, his mace hurls a few small fireballs a short distance.

Special SkillSpecial Attack

Tornado Cost: 2 SP

Spins around rapidly, shooting small fireballs in every direction. What's unfortunate about this special attack is that its short range. It's not very useful.

Magna Magna

Magna The Cyborg

I would say Magna is the strongest partner in the game. Siriuis does have the same strength, but Magna's attack shoots a long distance and his special attack totally destroys nearby enemies. You meet Magna inside the floating fortress of stage 4, but he doesn't fight alongside you until stage 5.


Reflect Shot Power: 18

Shoots a ball of photon energy that flies all the way to the nearest wall and bounces back. It's a strong attack! However, it's slow; you can't bombard enemies with it and it's easy to miss.

Special SkillSpecial Attack

Homing Shot Cost: 3 SP

Temporarily freezes time and shoots powerful balls of photon energy at the enemy. This special attack is deadly!

Nevis Nevis

Nevis The Dragon God

A dragon god joins you!! How cool is that?! She's so cute, too. She even turns into a dragon with her special attack! It's impossible to dislike this character. You meet her in the underworld of stage 6. However, she won't join you until you defeat her in her dragon form!


3-Way Attack Power: 16

Does a spin kick and shoots three blasts in every direction ahead of you. This attack is useful when she joins you because the enemy movement is faster and her spread-out attack is more likely to hit enemies.

Special SkillSpecial Attack

Dragon Form Cost: 2 SP

Transforms into a dragon and flies to each enemy to breath fire on them. It's a powerful (and awesome!) attack, but it's not very effective when you're being swarmed by enemies. It's useful for boss fights, though.

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