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Game Saves

Game saves? What are those?

Did you accidentally delete your saved game in Alcahest? Do you want to skip certain parts of the game? Whatever the case may be, these game saves are here to save the day! With them, you can continue at any major point in Alcahest.

Typically in my website I offer in-game SRM saves, which work with any emulator. Alcahest, however, doesn't have in-game saving. I had to use emulator-specific save states. Hence, the save states offered on this page will only work on Snes9X (Windows & Android) and ZSNES (Windows only).

Snes9X Directions for Windows

  1. Download the stage you want a save state from. Contained in each of zip files is a collection of save states from points throughout the given stage. Pick the save state you want and pull it out of the zip file.
  2. Place the save state in Snes9X's Saves folder .
  3. Next, make sure the save state has the same filename as your Alcahest ROM. Take a look at this picture . Let's say your Alcahest ROM is called “Alcahest_[T+Eng1.0].zip”. That means the save state needs to be called “Alcahest_[T+Eng1.0].000” (note: renaming the '000' file extension doesn't matter).
  4. Now you can open Snes9X. Load Alcahest. Then go to File > Load Game Position > Slot. Which slot do you choose? Take a look at this picture . The file extension of the save state determines which save slot to click on.

Snes9X Directions for Android

Take a look at this picture . Use that as a reference for these directions:

  1. On your Android device, with a file manager app (such as Astro File Manager) navigate to the folder where your Super Nintendo ROMs are. Transfer the save state here.
  2. Make sure the save state has the same filename as your Alcahest ROM. Press and hold the save state to rename it. Additionally, when renaming you need to change the “000” file extension to “00.frz”.
  3. That's it. Now you can open Snes9X for Android, load Alcahest, and you can load the save state.

ZSNES Directions

Same deal as above: make sure the save state has the same filename as the ROM. They can be together in the same folder as the ROM (unlike Snes9X which needs the save in the saves folder).

The Save States

Stage 1 Searching for the Guardians

Snes9X States 229 KB
ZSNES States 1.24 MB

Stage 2 Get the Dark Dragon

Snes9X States 693 KB
ZSNES States 1.27 MB

Stage 3 Go for the Fortress

Snes9X States 815 KB
ZSNES States 1.18 MB

Stage 4 Jump Through the Anti-aircraft

Snes9X States 574 KB
ZSNES States 1.37 MB

Stage 5 Go Through the Hidden Maze

Snes9X States 654 KB
ZSNES States 1.21 MB

Stage 6 Open the Gate of Hell

Snes9X States 456 KB
ZSNES States 965 KB

Stage 7 The Black Castle of Power

Snes9X States 450 KB
ZSNES States 940 KB

Stage 8 The Kind of Malice Lives On

Snes9X States 532 KB
ZSNES States 782 KB
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