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Alcahest OST

Here's a bunch of notable songs from Alcahest. To download a song, right-click the audio player and go to Save Audio As. If you want to download all songs in a single zip, scroll further down.

Air Deck 2.95 MB

Castle 1.58 MB

Cave 2.31 MB

Floor 1.69 MB

Free Space 3.01 MB

Overworld 1.70 MB

Plant 3.38 MB

Sewer 2.40 MB

Sky 2.55 MB

Title Screen 2.16 MB

Alcahest OST Alcahest OST

Full Soundtracks

Download the full soundtracks for Alcahest in a variety of formats and grades of quality. It doesn't have an official album cover, so I made a couple custom ones for you based on the box art and title screen.

Alcahest OST (MP3 190 KB/s VBR)

The full soundtrack for the game, containing all 32 tracks. These are MP3s encoded at 190 KB/s with a variable bit rate. In other words, these MP3s were compressed to the smallest size possible without any noticeable loss of quality.

Download 60.5 MB
Alcahest OST (MP3 320 KB/s CBR)

The full soundtrack for the game, containing all 32 tracks. These are MP3s encoded at 320 KB/s with a constant bit rate. This collection is for people who want MP3s in the absolute highest quality possible.

Download 112 MB
Alcahest OST (RSN)

This zip contains the full soundtrack in RSN format. RSN music is the actual programming of the songs pulled from the game. With RSN, you can experience the soundtrack in the highest audio quality possible! Learn more about RSN files and how to play them in my Extracted Video Game Music Tutorial.

Download 75.3 MB
Alcahest OST (SPC)

SPC songs are exactly like RSN (above), with the exception that every song is a separate file.

Download 71.5 MB
Alcahest OST (MIDI)

This zip contains four tracks from the soundtrack in MIDI format. I wish there was more, but this is all that's available.

Download 23.7 KB
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