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Ronixis J. Kenny

Age: 38

Race: Human

Origin: Earth

Class: Mage

Height: 179cm

Weight: 64 kg

He's your best attack mage in battle, not only because he can cast good spells and wear slightly better armor than most mages, but because he can also use bows. Some of those bows (especially the Elven Bow and the ones found in the Seven Star Ruins) can kick major ass! You have to be careful of his AI. Turn off spells that might heal enemies in the area around you. Ronixis isn't very good at Abilities, besides maybe Crafting and Alchemy. It's a shame, since he has no battle skills. Btw, Ronixi is the father of Claude from Star Ocean 2.

Obtaining Ronixis: Ronixis will join for a very short time in the beginning. Later in Ionis you'll only get him officially.

Spell List

Fire Bolt

Learned: Start

MP: 2

Fire-elemental. Sends a ball of fire across the battlefield to damage one enemy. If another enemy is in its path, it'll get hit instead. Time doesn't stop for this spell.


Learned: Start

MP: 4

Earth-elemental. Three spikes come up from the ground and hit an enemy for minimal damage. Time doesn't stop during this spell.

Wind Blade

Learned: Start

MP: 5

Wind-elemental. Identical to Fire Bolt except with a column of air instead of an ball of fire.

Shadow Bolt

Learned: Start

MP: 6

Dark-elemental. A bunch of black bubbles hits the enemy for weak damage, wherever it is.


Learned: Start

MP: 8

Fire-elemental. A wall of fire hits a group of enemies for moderate damage.

Earth Grave

Learned: Start

MP: 9

Earth-elemental. Large spikes emerge from the ground and hit a group of enemies for moderate damage.

Thunder Bolt

Learned: Start

MP: 10

Thunder-elemental. A bolt of thunder appears above the enemy and strikes him for moderate damage.


Learned: Start

MP: 9

Dark-elemental. A shadow hits the enemy from behind for moderate damage.


Learned: Level 23

MP: 12

Holy-elemental. Rays hit all enemies for moderate damage.

Tractor Beam

Learned: Level 27

MP: 14

?-elemental. Grabs all enemies in a group, lifts them up, and smashes them down on the ground for moderate damage. Even flying enemies can be hit by this.


Learned: Level 31

MP: 16

Fire-elemental. Hits all enemies for strong damage.


Learned: Level 36

MP: 19

Earth-elemental. Huge boulders bounce down onto enemies for strong damage. An enemy can actually be caught under the last boulder and be stuck immobile for several seconds!

Thunder Storm

Learned: Level 40

MP: 22

Thunder-elemental. A storm hits all enemies for strong damage.

Light Cross

Learned: Level 45

MP: 26

Holy-elemental? Light hits all enemies for strong damage.

Star Flare

Learned: Level 50

MP: 28

?-elemental. Stars hit all enemies for strong damage.

Dark Circle

Found: Sylvalant Ruins

MP: 40

?-elemental. Attempts to kill all vulnerable enemies at 25% HP or less; works more often than Word of Death.

Gremlin's Lair

Found: In Time & Space lab

MP: 30

?-elemental. Gremlins come out of a hole in space/time and hit all enemies for very strong damage.

Meteor Swarm

Found: In the Revorse Tower

MP: 32

?-elemental. A meteor swarm hits all enemies for huge damage.