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Milly Kiliet

Age: 18

Race: Fellpool

Origin: Clatos Village, Moore continent.

Class: Healer

Height: 164cm

Weight: 46kg

Milly's one of Ratix's closest friends, though she may find others in her position when she finally catches up to him. At low levels Milly is useful to have in battle; later in the game she's absolutely necessary. Her healing spells are the only way to stay alive! Try to keep her out of the battle, though, since she has low defense. Her stat-boosting spells can be very useful later in the game, as well. She's pretty good at item creation. She usually starts with very good talents. She's the best at Alchemy and she's good at Crafting too. It's also fairly easy to get her to learn Originality if you need to make more Charms.

Obtaining Milly: Milly will join temporarily at the start, but will be lost once the "real" game begins. If you have Ashlay or Fear in your party, Milly won't join until you reach Sylvalant. If you have Cius, or none of the above, Milly will join as soon as you reach Ecdart. (A correspondent says that she got Milly in Ecdart with having Ashlay, but not Joshua.) Note that if you get her in Ecdart, you can get free Charms in a Private Action in Sylvalant.

Spell List


Learned: Level 2

MP: 3

Heals one ally slightly. Time doesn't stop during this spell.

Deep Mist

Learned: Level 4

MP: 2

Lowers accuracy of all enemies onscreen.


Learned: Level 6

MP: 5

?-elemental. Hits a group of enemies for weak damage.


Learned: Level 8

MP: 5

Removes poison status from one ally.


Learned: Level 10

MP: 7

Attempts to silence all enemies so that they cannot cast spells.

Cure All

Learned: Level 13

MP: 10

Heals all allies moderately.


Learned: Level 16

MP: 18

Raises defense for all allies.

Acid Rain

Learned: Level 19

MP: 9

Lowers attack power for all enemies; it may miss some of them.

Cure Light

Learned: Level 22

MP: 12

Heals one ally for a large amount of HP. Time doesn't stop during this spell.


Learned: Level 27

MP: 16

Heals one ally from poison, paralyze, and stone conditions. Very useful!


Learned: Level 28

MP: 22

Attempts to slow all enemies down.

Fairy Heal

Learned: Level 31

MP: 24

Heals one ally completely (more or less).


Learned: Level 34

MP: 18

Speeds all allies up.


Learned: Level 38

MP: 14

Raises attack power for one ally.

Fairy Light

Learned: Level 42

MP: 30

Heals all allies completely (more or less).

Raise Dead

Learned: Level 45

MP: 35

Recovers one ally from death and heals about half his/her HP.

Fix Cloud

Learned: Level 50

MP: 20

Attempts to dizzy all enemies.

Gravity Press

Learned: Level 54

MP: 25

?-elemental. Hits one enemy for strong damage.