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Tinek Arukena

Age: 14-16

Race: Lycantrope

Origin: ?

Class: Fighter

Height: ?

Weight: ?

He looks like a bespectacled boy normally, but when entering battle he changes into a werewolf! He tends to be quite sleepy during Private Actions. 8p In battle he's incredibly quick and his normal attack has one of the longest ranges of any character (although he's just a bit weaker than other fighters, besides Marvel). He tends to be not very good at Abilities; try to spend his SP more on battle skills. He's usually good at Cooking though.

Obtaining Tinek: Once you have the Van Emblem, have Ratix fight in the Tataroy Arena until he reaches at least C Rank. Tinek will take the place of the boss; if you beat him he'll join you. If you have no more room in your party, he'll leave for good.

Techniques: Short Range

Hurricane Staff

Learned: Level 22

MP: 6

An almost laughably fast and strong technique. Tinek will just flip his staff around and hit the enemy twice for 1.5x damage with each hit! Quite nice!

Mirror Slice

Learned: Level 30

MP: 12

An okay technique. Tinek hits the enemy with one strong hit (2x normal damage). There's then a small chance that the enemy will instantly die.

Techniques: Long Range

Whirlwind Staff

Learned: Start

MP: 4

A fast technique with low MP cost. Tinek will stick his staff in the ground and whirl around it, hitting the enemy twice. Good for when you get him.


Learned: Level 26

MP: 10

Although it looks like a Water-elemental tech, it's not. Tinek throws a spread of snowflakes in front of him; each snowflake hits for normal damage. Big enemies can get hit twice. Good if you've got a bunch of enemies to contend with.

Tempest Staff

Learned: Level 35

MP: 18

Basically the same as Hurricane Staff, except at the end Tinek whirls his staff, which can hit the enemy two more times. However, the enemy frequently gets hit out of range by the first two hits, so the whirling misses often. Not a great technique.

Secret Techs: Short Range

Hurricane Fist

Learned: Pa Kwa Zhang Secret Skill

MP: 14

Basically the same as Hurricane Staff, but at the end Tinek will throw out a fireball which hits for double damage. If you killed the enemy with one of the first two hits, the fireball will fly across the screen! Quite a good technique.

7-Star Rumble

Learned: 7-Star Secret Skill, from Sakura-Zhang

MP: 24

Tinek leaps in the air and pummels the enemy about 4-5 times, each hit of which does normal damage. While he's in the air he can't be hurt except by spells, and he can keep the enemy quite busy while he does it. Probably his strongest short-range technique.

Secret Techs: Long Range

Firewheel Staff

Learned: Pa Kwa Zhang Secret Skill, from Whirlwind Staff

MP: 10

A powered-up Whirlwind Staff. The hits now do 1.5x damage and are Fire-elemental. A nice, fast technique, but nothing earth-shattering.


Learned: Pa Kwa Zhang Secret Skill, from Tempest Staff

MP: 19

He throws out a fireball that hits for double damage. It's not worth the high MP consumption.