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Ashlay Barnbelt

Age: 50-60

Race: Highlander

Origin: Astral continent

Class: fighter

Height: ?

Weight: ?

Ashlay is a good friend of Ryas Warren and is searching the world over for someone to pass his sword skills onto. Naturally he latches onto Ratix. In battle Ashlay is a solid companion (though he doesn't have as much variety as the other two swordsmen). His attack has long range and is much quicker than Cius, though he tends to be a bit weaker. Note that Ashlay always starts with the same set of Talents; he's good for Familiar, Customize, Authoring, Scout, and Smithing.

Obtaining Ashlay: Cius must not be in your party. Talk to Ashlay in the north part of the arena in Tataroy, then enter a battle. Finally, go to the port east of town.

Techniques: Short Range

Rift Wave

Learned: Start

MP: 6

A quite nice technique; Ashlay jumps up and then down, slashing the enemy twice for normal damage each time. Not as deadly as Ratix's version, but very good for the start of the game.

Twin Slash

Learned: Start

MP: 4

A quick move for very little MP; Ashlay lets loose with a wide swath of blue energy around him. It doesn't really hit enemies above him, though, unlike the other two versions of this move.

Shock Sword

Learned: Level 18

MP: 7

A bit of a slow move. Ashlay sticks out his sword and the enemy gets hit by lightning (nearby enemies may be hit as well). It's fairly easy to be knocked out of, so it's a bit of a risk.

Techniques: Long Range

Blaze Sword

Learned: Level 22

MP: 10

An excellent technique; Ashlay slams his sword into the enemies and several fireballs shoot out when he's done. Can do some nice damage if you're surrounded.

Flash Whirl

Learned: Level 28

MP: 12

A rather slow move. Ashlay goes up to the enemy, sticks out his sword, and makes a fireball explode on the end. It can do good damage (and hit several times) if you manage to pull it off.

Secret Techs: Short Range

Dragon Blast

Learned: Sacred Beast Secret Skill, at level 32

MP: 19

A quick and powerful move; Ashlay goes fairly close to an enemy and lets loose with a flying dragon right in the kisser! It can eat up MP, though; he has better techniques to use.

7-Star Shock Sword

Learned: 7-Star Secret Skill, from Shock Sword

MP: 22

Ashlay will shoot out a ball of lightning, then the enemy will be hit by lightning from above, accompanied by an explosion that can hit nearby enemies as well. It can do some nice damage, but not really worth the MP cost.

7-Star Twin Slash

Learned: 7-Star Secret Skill, from Twin Slash

MP: 25

Basically a much-powered up version of Twin Slash that has each hit do double damage.

Secret Techs: Long Range

Phoenix Wave

Learned: Sacred Beast Secret Skill, at level 36

MP: 18

Almost exactly the same as the Dragon Blast except it's fire-elemental.