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Cius Warren

Age: 20

Race: Highlander

Origin: Astral continent

Class: Fighter

Height: 190 cm

Weight: 90 kg

As with all swordsmen, Cius can be quite a powerhouse in battle, but he's also one of the slowest characters in the game. His normal attack has one of the largest ranges, plus it's deceptively accurate - though slow, it's not easy to be hit out of. He has some nice techniques (they tend to be slightly better versions of Ratix's), but not as much variety as Ratix does. He has a different class of sword, though, so he can equip things Ratix can't (and vice versa). Ability-wise, Cius can play wildly differently depending on the Talents you get when you start, though he does tend to be good at Smithing and Cooking. Do try to get Originality, though!

Obtaining Cius: Cius will join you in Hot and you can keep him if you wish.

Techniques: Short Range

Rift Wave

Learned: Level 9

MP: 5

Cius throws up blue energy in a circle around him. Seems to have a bit more range than Ratix's version. Can be useful when you're surrounded by enemies. It's pretty fast for one of Cius's techs.

Twin Slash

Learned: Level 18

MP: 10

An excellent technique; Cius flies towards the enemy flashing his sword. A good execution of this technique can get 3-4 hits. If you miss, though, be prepared to be pounded, since Cius has to get right up into the enemy to pull this off. One of Cius's faster techniques.

Shock Sword

Learned: Level 22

MP: 9

Has nice range, and can hit twice. Cius sticks his sword out towards the enemy and hits it with a vertical lightning bolt. Takes a bit long to set up, though.

Techniques: Long Range

Spirit Blast

Learned: Level 13

MP: 7

Cius goes up near the enemy and shoots out a circle of light towards it. Good for early on in the game, but not that great for a long-range tech, since you have to get in short range to actually use it! It can only hit one enemy, too.

Blaze Sword

Learned: Level 27

MP: 11

A pretty good tech. Cius will go up to the enemy, smack it with a flaming sword, and shoot out a bunch of fireballs in all directions. The fireballs travel pretty fast, and the smack itself can hit twice. Still, there are better ones, especially considering how long this one takes to set up.

Flash Whirl

Learned: Level 31

MP: 11

A medium-to-good technique. Cius goes right up to the enemy and shoots out a large ball of fire; if the ball misses, it can travel straight across the battlefield! It rarely does, though. If he didn't have to get so close, this'd be an excellent technique.

Secret Techs: Short Range

7-Star Blaze Sword

Learned: 7-Star Secret Skill, from Blaze Sword

MP: 19

A powered-up version of Blaze Sword; in this version the hits are much stronger, the fireballs are larger, faster, and more numerous. A very good technique.

7-Star Shock Sword

Learned: 7-Star Secret Skill, from Shock Sword

MP: 17

Basically just a powered-up Shock Sword that hits with two bolts of lightning. Not all that great.

7-Star Twin Slash

Learned: 7-Star Secret Skill, from Twin Slash

MP: 22

An excellent skill! Basically a powered-up Twin Slash, but the hits do 2-3 times as much damage. A four-hit combo from this can decimate most monsters.

Secret Techs: Long Range

Dragon Whirl

Learned: Sacred Beast Secret Skill, from Flash Whirl

MP: 11

Basically a powered-up Flash Whirl followed by a dragon that flies out along the length of the battlefield. Good, but not as good as Turtle Wave.

Turtle Wave

Learned: Sacred Beast Secret Skill, from Rift Wave

MP: 13

An excellent technique; Cius causes a large amount of yellow explosions in and around the enemy. Good for several hits; the enemy usually can't dodge it very well. Good for tight quarters.

Tiger Blast

Learned: Sacred Beast Secret Skill, from Spirit Blast

MP: 15

A great skill. Cius runs to the enemy and turns into a white tiger and blows three very powerful energy balls straight across the battlefield. Can do some major damage. Again, you have to go up close, unfortunately.