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Iria Silvestoli

Age: 23

Race: Human

Origin: Earth

Class: Warrior

Height: 171 cm

Weight: 48 kg

The second-in-command of the Calnus, Iria travels with Ronixis to Roak in the past to attempt to find a cure to the virus outbreak. She starts off fairly weak but gets far stronger as she learns more techniques. Her regular attack has a lag before she does it, but its range is farther than it looks. Overall a very good character to have in battle. Iria can't do any Customize or Smithing, but she can be good for Crafting, Art, or Writing.

Obtaining Iria: Iria joins you right at the beginning of the game and never leaves.

Techniques: Long Range

Chi Kung Fist

Learned: Level 10

MP: 5

Good if you don't want to get close up to the enemy. She lets loose with a blast of energy which travels across the screen.

Techniques: Short Range

Shooting Star

Learned: Level 15

MP: 7

A decent attack. She jumps in the air and lands a strong punch on the enemy. Hard for them to block.

Chi Kung Kick

Learned: Level 20

MP: 8

Another decent attack. Iria does a cartwheel into the enemy. This can hit twice if you're lucky; also seems to have a good chance of dizzying them.

Hyper Knuckle

Learned: Level 25

MP: 10

A very good attack! Iria lets loose with four punches, one after another. It's a bit slower than usual, so you might be knocked out of it, but if you connect you can dish out some major damage.

Secret Techs: Long Range

Phoenix Star

Learned: Sacred Beast Secret Skills, from Shooting Star

MP: 8

An okay attack. Iria jumps into the air, turns into a phoenix, and dives onto the enemy. This one is easy to be hit out of, which makes it a bit dangerous to use. If you hit, though, you can do some nice damage.

Dragon Fist

Learned: Sacred Beast Secret Skill, from Chi Kung Fist

MP: 9

Iria's best long-range attack, in my opinion. A dragon shoots straight out across the battlefield. It's fast and can do some excellent damage.

Secret Techs: Short Range

Turtle Kick

Learned: Sacred Beast Secret Skill, from Chi Kung Kick

MP: 13

The same as Chi Kung Kick, but a spirit also comes from the other side and engulfs the enemy. Makes it tougher for the enemy to dodge. Doesn't seem to do a lot more damage, though.

Tiger Knuckle

Learned: Sacred Beast Secret Skill, from Hyper Knuckle

MP: 9

A very good attack. Iria turns into a white tiger and lunges at the enemy, hitting 2-3 times for good damage. Can be a bit tricky to pull off, but works well.


Learned: Pa Kwa Zhang Secret Skill, from Turtle Kick

MP: 16

An excellent short-range attack; Iria lets loose with a flurry of punches, doing even more damage than Hyper Knuckle did! Only the strongest enemies can avoid getting hit at least once or twice from this.

Sakura Flash

Learned: Reverse Sakura Secret Skill, from Sakura-Zhang

MP: 18

Iria's best short-range attack. The same as Sakura-Zhang, but Iria ends it off with a sideways kick for some extra damage. It can eat up your MP pretty quickly though, so watch it.