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Age: 6-10

Race: Lesser Fellpool

Origin: Moore continent

Class: Neko (cat)

Height: ?

Weight: ?

You know how the Japanese are, they can't resist adding something excessively cute to their games and anime. For Star Ocean, Perisie is it. She's a little cat-girl who tags along with Ratix. As you probably guessed, her arsenal of attacks are all cutesy. Her hearts and pineapples are lethal! She's probably the fastest character in the game, but she starts at a low level, her defense is very low, and her attack power isn't much better. Only later in the game (when she gets really good techniques) will she be of much use. Her main use is to allow you to get the awesome Bunny Whistle item! Perisie is by far the best at Music, and she's not bad at the other Abilities either (besides Writing).

Obtaining Perisie: You must have Milly in your party, and you must have the Ocarina item (you can only get it just after finishing the Velcant Lair). Do a Private Action in Clato. (At some point, the game will refuse to let you do a PA in Clato any more; I'm not sure what triggers it.) Talk to the cat, choose a name, then equip the Ocarina and play it by pressing A.

Techniques: Short Range

Multiple Punch

Learned: Level 11

MP: 9

She summons three cats who all hit the enemy at once. It has a decent range and can work well for the start of the game.


Learned: Level 17

MP: 19

Perisie goes up to the enemy and hits it three times. It's decent, but drains MP very fast.

Charming Pose

Learned: Level 20

MP: 20

Perisie wiggles around and then shoots out a heart that smacks the enemy.

Jump Kick

Learned: Level 34

MP: 34

Learned: Level 34; MP: 21; Range: Short
She jumps up and does a roundhouse kick. Nice damage, but leaves you vulnerable.

Techniques: Long Range

Shining Dance

Learned: Level 13

MP: 11

Perisie jumps up and lets loose with a blast of kitty power! It hits all enemies for moderate damage. Not bad for the start of the game.

Prismic Dance

Learned: Level 25

MP: 19

Perisie summons her cat friends to heal the HP of the entire party. It takes a few seconds for the HP to restore, though. Once she learns this you might want to use her instead of Joshua for an alternate healer. 8-)

Look Up There!

Learned: Level 27

MP: 10

Perisie distracts the enemy, immobilizing them for a few seconds. Quick and easy to pull off; good for a link combo.

Spread Missile

Learned: Level 30

MP: 17

She'll throw fruit (an apple and two pineapples) at the enemy, which explodes and can cause some major havoc, especially if you're surrounded.

Panic Dance

Learned: Level 36

MP: 20

It takes a while to set up, so be careful you're not knocked out of it. If you do manage to pull it off, you have a chance of dizzying all the enemies on the field. It doesn't seem to work too often.

Secret Techs: Short Range

Dream Combo

Learned: Cat-Fu! Secret Skill, from Hiii-Ya!

MP: 32

Perisie goes up to the enemy and whacks it multiple times with a gigantic hammer.

J.P.P.C. Somersault

Learned: Cat-Fu! Secret Skill, from Jump Kick

MP: 22

She does a jump and punch, and follows up with some more karate moves. A good multi-hit technique.

Secret Techs: Long Range

Magical Dance

Learned: Cat-Fu! Secret Skill, from Shining Dance

MP: 64

A witch flies across the screen twice, and refills some MP for the entire party. Not all that great, considering how much MP it costs (ouch).