Highslide JSReleased: 1993
Published By: Working Designs
Developed By: Game Arts
Ramblings: Vay is such a traditional RPG. Besides the nifty anime-like animated sequences, Vay is your average everyday classic RPG. The battles are reminisce of Lufia. So yah, that's Vay.

In an interesting turn of events, Vay was released for the iPhone in July '08! Who would've thought? One of the most obscure classic RPGs was released for a modern device. Check out this YouTube gameplay video about it; and I have screen shots here. It looks like the battle graphics have been remade. The dialogue box has a neat transparency effect. The most interesting new feature is how they implemented the touch screen to move your character around. You work it by pressing on the location you want to walk to, and he walks to it.


Title: The Opening, Length: 01:30

Ramblings: An evil armor flies through space and lands on the earth.

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Title: The Invasion, Length: 01:15

Ramblings: An army of mecha soldiers invade a kingdom right smack during a wedding. Sucks, eh?

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