Q: Printable for what?  These covers are designed to fit into jewel cases, also known as audio CD cases or CD-R cases; regular style or slim style.
PDF!  These covers are in PDF format, so you would need Adobe Acrobat Reader installed in order to view and print them.  Why PDF instead of just regular JPG?  Well, images print at different sizes on different printers, internet browsers, and OS's.  PDF ensures that it will print at the proper size no matter what you're using.
Photoshopped!  Oh, I didn't just resize scans.  I used Photoshop's wonders to push the quality of these covers to the limit.  I removed unwanted specs, fold cracks, fold shadows, and minor tears.  Shifted contrast to a perfect balance.  Sharpened them.  Hued them up to make colors more vibrant.  Retyped text.  Recreated some of the small logos.  Edited solid color areas so that they're truly solid.
Printing directions: 
Click on the cover you wish print. Acrobat Reader will open.  Click on the Print button.  Make sure "Page Scaling" is set to None.  Click OK to print.  Spin around your chair exactly 3 times while it prints.  And that's it!
Q: Why are they sideways?  What's with the white square and dashes?  This is so that you can make the covers 2-ply.  Why?  Well, regular printing paper is flimsy and falls out of the casing teeth easily.  And I doubt you have thick printing paper at your disposable, so 2-ply is the next best thing.
How to cut covers for 2-ply:  Cut out the cover along with the dashed square.  Fold it in the middle.  Run your thumb across the fold to make it flatter.  And that's it!



  Ys Book
1 & 2

<< 199 KB

  Ys 3: Wanderers from Ys
<< 254 KB

158 KB >>


Exile 2: Wicked Phenomenon
182 KB >>


Fantasy 2

<< 177 KB





  Ys 4 (J)
<< 232 KB

  Ys 3: Wanderers from Ys (J)
<< 238 KB

These are unofficial RPG covers that I put together myself.


  Ys Book
1 & 2

<< 120 KB

Fantasy 2

<< 153 KB


  Ai Cho Aniki (J)
<< 94.8 KB
    Beyond Shadowgate
<< 102 KB
  Bonk 3 CD
<< 177 KB
    Buster Bros.
<< 104 KB
Fantastic Night Dreams
<< 177 KB
    Dragon Ball Z
<< 117 KB
  Dracula X (J)
<< 99.3 KB
    Dracula X
(mock English cover)
<< 163 KB
  Dungeon Explorer 2
<< 177 KB
    Dungeon Master:
Theron's Quest
<< 115 KB
  Gates of Thunder
<< 163 KB
<< 157 KB
  Lords of Thunder
<< 196 KB
    Parasol Stars
<< 172 KB
  Popful Mail (J)
<< 145 KB
Complete (J)

<< 76.1 KB
  Sapphire (J)
<< 124 KB
    Star Parodia (J)
<< 148 KB
  Valis II
<< 189 KB
    Valis III
<< 297 KB
  Valis 4 (J)
<< 118 KB
<< 177 KB