Highslide JSReleased: 1993
Published By: Sega
Developed By: Sega
Ramblings: The animated sequences introducing each character will blow you away! Geez, like each character has a 5-10 minute kick ass sequence. They show you their background and why they're fighting. Ah, but the fancy looks are deceiving. The actual game has extremely limited animation. Like, every spell in the game totals up to a mere handful of animation frames. It's almost as if the game was intended for the Sega Genesis, then someone said "OMFG let's toss in impressive animated sequences and release it for Sega CD!" Well, there is the 'Real' option in the options screen, which enables Shining Force-like battle encounters. However the loading times for these pretty encounters doesn't make the feature worth it. I mean, at first glance it might not seem long, but after half an hour of being stuck in the same spot due to battling the same barrage of enemies, it is then you realize how the lagging pulls you back. As with other grid-style strategy games, it takes almost half a day to complete a single map. But Dark Wizard has a great soundtrack; the whole time you're listening to a beautiful melody. Overall, I wouldn't consider Dark Wizard your average strategy/RPG. I'd only recommend it to hardcore enthusiasts of the genre.


Title: Prelude Sequence, Length: 04:22

Ramblings: Explains the story behind the Dark Lord and how/why he's trying to conquer the world to spread his evil reign of tyranny. His mission is to ban sex and force people to conform to his way of reproduction, which is to perform a magical ceremony to have a rib or two ripped from their body to transform into offspring.

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Title: Krystal's Opening, Length: 05:00

Ramblings: Krystal and some other guy obtain power from a demon. With this power she goes off to seek revenge for the murder of her lesbian lov--I mean, her priestess.

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Title: Amon's Opening, Length: 02:58

Ramblings: Amon feels he should be the one to be the evil ruler of the world, not the Dark Lord. Like a spoiled child kicking his feet in a tantrum not getting what he wants and like a diva complaining about room service, Amon kills the king and takes his place to wage war against the Dark Lord.

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