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Getting the real thing is better than desperately searching for the ISO! ^_^ Here are some rough price ranges for these games on eBay and Prices higher than these estimates are a rip-off in my book. Click on the search keywords to automatically search with them on Ebay. You should check out *both* Ebay and, because sometimes one or the other has the cheaper price.

Lunar: The Silver Star $10-$40 lunar star sega click here
Lunar 2: Eternal Blue $10-$40 lunar blue sega click here
Popful Mail $20-$60 popful mail sega click here
Shining Force CD $20-$60 shining force cd click here
Dark Wizard $5-$40 dark wizard sega click here
Vay $10-$40 vay sega click here
Ys Book 1 & 2 $20-$40 ys book n/a
Ys 3: Wanderers from Ys $5-$20 ys wanderers turbo n/a
Exile $5-$20 exile turbo n/a
Exile 2: Wicked Phenomenon $10-$40 exile wicked turbo n/a
Cosmic Fantasy 2 $5-$20 cosmic fantasy 2 click here

Does the game you want currently have no auctions? Don't worry, there's still hope! Look towards the bottom after your fruitless search, there's a link that says "Add to favorites". This feature will automatically e-mail you once an auction is created for that game.

Warning! Some people sell CD-R copies on eBay. Don't get cheated! Do not bid on auctions that have: (1) the price is low and tempting, (2) the seller has a feedback rating less than 10, and (3) no actual photo of the item is shown. This is an example of an auction that sold a CD-R copy instead of the real thing. The auction started at $9.99. Since Lunar 2 is such a hot item, the auction closed at $26.