Highslide JSReleased: 1994

Published By: Working Designs

Developed By: Falcom

Ramblings: Now this is one damn cool game!! The animated sequences flow so well that its pretty close to real anime animation. You play a female swordsman (who acts and even looks like Lina Invervse from Slayers) who goes off on an adventure to catch a mean wizard with a bounty on his head. Somewhere along the line, a wizard and a small dragon join you. You can only fight with one character at a time but you can switch among them any time you desire. Overall, Popful Mail and Lunar 2 are, visually, the most impressive Sega CD games.


Title: Opening Sequence, Length: 04:15

Ramblings: The cute fully-animated introduction sequence to the game. It consists of the female main character chasing after a wanted criminal. Then she goes off into town and finds a lead for her next job.

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