Playable Characters


The first to actually clarify to Mario what is going on is Geno, the possessed doll. Geno's past life is shrouded in mystery, but it is believed he had lived above in the Star Road. He is a physical attacker who makes use of his projectile-shooting hands. He's a nice well-rounded character. I would say he's the third strongest in physical strength compared to Mario and Bowser, and the second strongest with special attacks compared to Mallow.

Geno Beam

Level Learned: 1

FP Value: 3

Description: Geno readies his beam on his arm and shoots a powerful beam at an enemy.

Geno Boost

Level Learned: 8

FP Value: 4

Description: Geno will raise the attack and magic attack stats of an ally.

Geno Whirl

Level Learned: 8

FP Value: 11

Description: Geno will throw a disk quickly at an enemy for damage.

Geno Blast

Level Learned: 14

FP Value: 12

Description: Geno will call down a bunch of lasers from the sky hitting all enemies for damage.

Geno Flash

Level Learned: 18

FP Value: 16

Description: Geno will transform into a cannon and shoots an orange projectile which turns into a supernova for heavy damage.