World 1: Mushroom Kingdom

Mario's failed attempt to rescue the princess, dealing with bandits, and obtaining the first star.
20 shots

World 2: Pond to Pipes

Rummaging through sewers, seeking advice from frogs, and the exciting "Forest Maze" stage.
32 shots

World 3: Mole Mountain

Mario's adventure saving the moles and dealing with Boomer's mischief in Boomer Tower.
42 shots

World 4: Seaside

Discovering the mystery of Star Hill, exploring the sea, and trudging through a haunted ship.
26 shots

World 5: Land's End

Belome Temple, Monstro Town, and Bean Valley.
22 shots

World 6: Nimbus Land

Controversy and mystery await in Mallow's home! Then the volcano stage and battle with Axem Rangers.
30 shots

World 7: Smithy Factory

Going through Bowser's Keep and the final stages!
28 shots