The Game

You will need a Super Nintendo emulator to play Super Mario RPG. You can find one on my emulators page. If you need assistance with any of the emulators offered on my site, check out my emulation help subsite: Video Game Emulation for Newbies.

Due to the upcoming release of the Super Mario RPG Remake (coming to Switch on November 17, 2023), I can't host the ROM here for the original SNES game. Rather, try this link for SNES ROM collections at Internet Archive: “ super nintendo roms”. Click here if you need directions with that. If Internet Archive doesn't work out for you, I have more options in my links.

ROM Hacks

The downloads for these ROM hacks are in the form of a patch (the ROM isn't included). To play these, you need to apply the patch to the ROM for Super Mario RPG. If you need help with patching, check out my patching tutorial.

Super Mario RPG Relocalized

Super NintendoSuper Mario RPG: Relocalized

This patch is the result of an entire year's worth of reviewing and rewriting the entirety of Super Mario RPG's script to achieve an overall more accurate translation of the Japanese script. Every item, attack, monster and dialog box has been compared to its Japanese equivalent. This translation attempts to reflect how the official translation would have looked if Woolsey’s script was reviewed and heavily revised by an editor back in 1996, creating a script that would later influence Paper Mario’s localization. Changes include:

  • Enemy and character names changed to reflect pre-established localizations.
  • Item names changed to reflect either a more accurate translation, consistency with Paper Mario and/or consistency with official artwork.
  • Location names changed to reflect a more accurate translation, with one exception, which instead reflects consistency with Paper Mario.
  • In-game dialog heavily reviewed and rewritten, using Japanese dialog translated by hand using online dictionaries, Tomato’s livestream and website, and occasional feedback from nejimakipiyo.

A full list of name changes for characters, items, monsters and locations can be found in the readme.

Download 74.9 KB
Super Mario RPG Revolution

Super NintendoSuper Mario RPG Revolution

This hack shows off what you can do with the statistical and gameplay (battle system-wise) aspects of the game mostly. But yet, it also shows what you can do in terms of attack animations and other things as well. Here are some of its features:

  • Characters can go level up to Level 50.
  • Enemies: All battle scripts and stats changed.
  • Characters: All stats changed around, spells changes.
  • New enemies and enemy name changes.
  • Well-balanced difficulty curve.
  • Timing for Weapons, defense, and spells changed.
  • A few new attacks and spells.
  • Some new items and equipment.
  • Solves problems with some enemies/bosses with multiple attacks.
  • Balance out stats between characters and increase HP stat boosts.
  • Improved certain boss and enemy tactics as well as stats to make a little tougher/more balanced.
  • Improved enemy evasion for most enemies.
  • Balanced FP cost and all-targeting attacks.
  • Lessened overall EXP gain to compensate for Lucky Jewel, Lucky! Bonus, and the special Hammer.
  • Balanced stat-boosting items.

Check out the ReadMe for the full list!

Download 2.64 MB