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Ultimate World Map ~992 KB
The excellent comprehensive world map created by Galen P. of VGMapper.com. It has the following labeled: location names, shops, shop items + prices, item status, smith locations, suggested weapon labels, and more! It's the ultimate Secret of Mana map! And Galen said it's not even 100% finished yet! Wow.


Ultimate World Map, Printer Friendly Version ~33.9 MB
A PDF version printer friendly version of Galen's ultimate map. When you print this PDF make sure Page Scaling is set to "Fit to printable area",
as shown here. This will prevent the map's edges from being cropped off.

Are these maps too small for you? You can enlarge them. When you print this PDF set Page Scaling to "Tile all pages" and for Tile Scale enter 180%, as shown here. The PDF will print out 2x bigger (on more pages, of course). If your printer uses an unusual paper size you may have to play around with the Tile Scale percentage to get this PDF to zoom properly.


Raw World Map ~748 KB
A clean version of the world map.