Main Characters

These are the three playable characters in Secret of Mana. You start out with Randi. As you progress further into the game, Sprite and Purim eventually join you.


This is the character you start with in Secret of Mana. The whole story begins with him and mostly revolves around him. He's the hero destined to conquer the Mana Fortress and the mystical evil force behind the evil that plagues the land. Randi was found east of Potos as a baby seventeen years ago by the village elder. He raised Randi and taught him the arts of sword fighting and aspects of nature and life. There is no trace of Randi's father nor his mother. His true origin remains a mystery. Since Randi is the main character, he is the strongest of the Mana team. And like every other muscle-head in a traditional RPG, Randi doesn't learn magic. But yet, Randi's spirit and will are very special and unlike any other. His persistence for peace allows him to receive the power of Mana and use it with his sword.


Sprite is everyone's favorite character because he's the one with the awesome attack magic. His real name is Popoie. Sprite is a descendant of a race of creatures that lived in the Upperland. Several years ago, Sprite was taken away from the Upperland by a magical flood. The flood dropped Sprite in front of the dwarf cave in Gaia's Navel, a beautiful place near Pandora. The dwarf elder found the young Sprite and raised him, not knowing where Sprite came from. One day, Randi visits the dwarf's den and meets Sprite. After an exciting incident and some talking, Sprite agrees to join Randi to find a way to return to the Upperland. Sprite is a weakling, but his magic packs a powerful punch!


Purim is the only girl of the Mana trio. She lives with her father in Pandora, in the King's Castle. Her father is the personal servant of the King of Pandora. Purim's father decides that it is time for her to marry a man. And so Purim's father starts to look for a man to marry Purim. He finds one, but Purim can't agree with his choice because she loves Dyluck, the leader of the King's bodyguard. After a fight Purim decides to run away from home. Her will and spirit declined. After some running around and struggling to cope with her anxiety problems, Purim finds herself close to a goblin village. She decides to check out why the goblins are making so much noise. When arrived she sees a boy in a big bowl, destined to be the main dish for the goblins. Purim thinks that the boy is Dyluck, who was sent away on a mission by the king but never returned yet. Purim frees Randi and discovers that it isn't Dyluck so Purim runs away again. Not much later in the game, Randi and Purim meet again and Purim joins Randi to search for Dyluck. Purim is a well-balanced character. She's pretty good at fighting and she's pretty good at magic. She seems to fight best with the power-fist weapon (also called the glove). You'll love Purim for her defensive magic and healing magic - which is very useful!