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Secret of Mana is a Squaresoft action/RPG, released in 1993 for the Super Nintendo. In Japan it came out as Seiken Densetsu 2. This game took everyone's breath away! Before Secret of Mana, the last Square games that came out was Final Fantasy II (part IV in Japan) and Final Fantasy Mystic Quest. The graphics of those games were impressive at the time, but not for long. Then all of a sudden Secret of Mana came out with gorgeous graphics and animation. The game amazed audiences with its exciting real-time battles. You get to choose from a wide variety of weapons and magic to use in battle. This game is truly a golden classic of the 16-bit age.

In December 2010, SquareEnix released Secret of Mana for the iPhone and iPod Touch. It's the same classic game. All that they did was overlay buttons over it for the touch display. Click here for some screen shots.

Note: Users of Android (the iPhone's big competitor) don't have to concern themselves about a special release like this because they already allow video game emulators in their market, and the available SNES emulator is pretty good.

Secret of Mana is one of the best known role-playing games that ever came out for the Super Nintendo. The best way to explain the beginning is to read the first day in Randi's (the main hero) Traveler's Log...

"Today I went exploring in the woods with Elliot and Timothy. We'd heard Grandmother talk about something shiny near the waterfall. We wondered what it could be. The village Elder had told us to stay away from the falls, but we were sure that the shiny object must be some kind of treasure. We didn't expect any trouble, but when we were walking across a wet log, I slipped and fell into the water! Elliot and Timothy were frightened and they ran off. I could hardly believe it! There was a sword sticking out of a big rock in the lake--and it talked to me! I pulled on it really hard and it slid right out of the stone. I knew I'd be in big trouble if I didn't get back to the village right away, so I took the sword and hacked my way through the brush to find a trail. But when I got back and the Elder saw the sword, I was in trouble anyway. He called it the Mana Sword, and said that is had been protecting the village. He claimed that by pulling it out of the stone, I released all kinds of monsters near the village. And then, all of a sudden there was a huge earthquake! A hole opened up in the ground, and Elliot and I both fell in. It turned out to be a cave--and a Mantis Ant lived in there! The Mantis Ant was far bigger than I was, and it had scissor-like claws. I waited for just the right moment to use my sword, and when I finally best it, I got the Sword's Orb!"

And that begins Randi's exciting quest in Secret of Mana!

You get to use several different types of weapons; each one has their own advantages and disadvantages. You get to use swords, gloves, axes, pole arms, whips, bows & arrows, boomerangs, and darts. You also get to wield magical powers of every element including light, darkness, and nature! Secret of Mana an action/RPG so the battles do require menus but the action is real-time. Magic is totally unavoidable, that's its advantage and downfall. Enemies can use magic too and you can't avoid it either! Magic also tends to get less powerful as you go through the game but physical attacks grow stronger (if you're patient). That's possible by strengthening your weapons. The stronger a weapon is the more "charge" it has so you can charge it up and have a more powerful blow when you attack. But how can you get your weapons stronger? Quite easily! ...but expensive. You can't really buy stronger weapons because you're supposed to find weapon orbs. What you do with these weapon orbs is bring them to the neighborhood friendly dwarf. The dwarf then forges an existing weapon of yours with the weapon orb to make it stronger, but... he'll only do that for a price. Specific weapon orbs go with specific weapons. For example, sword orbs can are for your sword and axe orbs are for your axe. Well that's pretty much it for all the significant stuff in Secret of Mana. Everything else is self-explainable RPG stuff.

The way magic is designed lets you easily cheat. Once you choose an offensive or defensive spell, it's immediately cast. If you're fast and have enough MP then you can kill off the enemy even before its first step. Take advantage of defensive spells! Some of them can really turn the tide in battles like Dispel, Magic Absorb, Barrier, and Wall. Oh and make sure to have plenty of Candy (recovers some HP), Chocolate (recovers more HP), Cup of Wishes (restores life but little HP), and Faerie Walnuts (restores some MP). Later in the game when you have more money and more HP you should make sure you have plenty of Royal Jams (recovers lots of HP).

This game is truly amazing! The graphics and music... wow... they're just beautiful. The storyline is interesting. The wide selection of weapons and magic adds loads of variety, making the battles quite fun. Everything about this game is great! It's perfect. It's a masterpiece. I highly recommend it. My favorite part in Secret of Mana is the elemental spirits because they're so cute! Dryad (the elemental that looks like a tree) is my favorite! I have her animation on the top of this page. Her cut little wiggle dance rocks my world.

By the way, I have something funny to show you. One day in Jan. '06 I was browsing through my referral history and came across this auction. Lol, it seems these days you need to flash everyone some girl's ass in order to sell Secret of Mana. Come to think of it, "Secret of Mana" could be used as the name for a porn movie. In it the slutty girls can be saying things like "Don't you want to find the secret of my mana?" Lol, it's genius.