Q: Game saves?

Did you accidentally delete your saved position in Treasure Hunter G? Do you want to skip certain parts of the game? Do you want to search for specific game sprites to capture? Whatever the case may be, these save states are here to save the day. ^_^

Q: What are these?

Each save is an *.srm file (compatible with any SNES emulator). Each *.srm file contains four saved games (a save in each slot).

More info within

Coupled with the saves are text files with more information on the saves. They include the save's location, current status of the plot, party members, character levels, equipment, skills, and items.


Oh, I wasn't the one who obtained these saves. Each and every game save and the information in each zip archive is all thanks to the one known as "OhNoMelon" from my forum.


I have step-by-step directions in my Game Saves Tutorial.

Save #1: Aged Cave ~ 4.12 KB

Slot 1 - Something crashed into the mountain. And guess who are here to investigate?

Slot 2 - Kicked some enemy butts, head deeper into the cave via the right entrance.

Slot 3 - Fleeing for dear life. Run back to Rouen Village.

Save #2: Sebia Village ~ 4.84 KB

Slot 1 - Attempt to leave the Sebia village to trigger some scene.

Slot 2 - In Sebian Village, head to the item store to pick up Ponga. After finishing up all your business in this town. Leave and head to the forest.

Slot 3 - Make your way through the Irato forest.

Save #3: Abnoba Range ~ 5.04 KB

Slot 1 - Kicked some monster ass in Irato Forest. Make your way out of the forest and into the nearest village.

Slot 2 - In Tania town; looted some items. Enter the house on the top left corner.

Slot 3 - At Abnoba Range; make your way to the top of the mountain.

Save #4: Abnoba Castle ~ 4.88 KB

Slot 1 - At Abnoba Castle; head upstairs to speak to the magician.

Slot 2 - Make your way down the mountain, but speak to the monk hiding in the corner first to get an ACT Seed.

Slot 3 - In Abnoba Cave; make your way right for a boss battle.

Save #5: Herman's Cave ~ 5.12 KB

Slot 1 - Leave Tania Town and head to Oceania Town to speak to the locals to get a clue as to where to go. Or you can just read Notebook and head to Herman's Cave.

Slot 2 - Sold some items in Oceania Town, and looted some parts of town. Head to Herman's Cave to advance the story.

Slot 3 - In Herman's Cave; drop down the hole ahead for a boss battle.

Save #6: Oceania Town ~ 5.02 KB

Slot 1 - In Herman's Cave; obtained OPART Big Crystal, head back to Oceania Town.

Slot 2 - In Oceania Town; defeat the monsters on top of the whale then speak to him. You might want to sell some things first.

Slot 3 - In Sebia Village; acquired the medicine to pass through Neko Forest, the forest at the top left corner of the island.

Save #7: Neko Castle ~ 5.21 KB

Slot 1 - In Neko Castle; speak to the Princess for a mandatory battle.

Slot 2 - In Neko Castle; speak to the Princess to open a path, then follow the path of blue stones in the pond to get the frog. But not before a boss battle first.

Slot 3 - In Tania Town; sold some items, now head to Oceania Town. There appears to be a bit of a bug here. Even though Toad is in your Rucksack, but the guy that makes the Hi Potion will say go get that frog. In either case, the whale thinks the Toad in your inventory is really a Hi Potion, so this bug is really harmless. In either case, speak to the whale, then rest at the Inn to move the plot along.

Save #8: Carbukle Island ~ 5.39 KB

Slot 1 - At Carbukle Island; speak to the happy Carbukle nearby and down the bush you go.

Slot 2 - At Carbukle Island; obtained OPART Spiral, now leave the island.

Slot 3 - In Akrass Town; sold off some old junks, looted the town, and obtained new weapons. Now speak to the 3 kids playing by the sewer opening. Walk  away from them for a bit to see the kids get in the sewer. Follow them. The purpose of this misadventure would be to get more toads to be made into Hi Potions (by the guy in the Inn's attic) for the injured whale.

Save #9: Babel Dome ~ 5.14 KB

Slot 1 - In Akrass Town; gave the Hi Potion to the whale, now leave the town and head for the big dome.

Slot 2 - In Babel Dome; go up the stairs to meet the dome's owner.

Slot 3 - In Akrass Town; enter Dr. Hello's house and check the machine. You might want to clear out part of the inventory though.

Save #10: Large Pyramid ~ 5.25 KB

Slot 1 - In Hello's Cave; cleared out some of the enemies. Make your way deeper into the cave.

Slot 2 - In the Pyramid Village; sold some junks, looted the area, now enter the big pyramid in the center.

Slot 3 - In the Large Pyramid; defeat the enemies along the way to find the OPART.

Save #11: Ravi Town ~ 4.99 KB

Slot 1 - In the Large Pyramid; obtained OPART, Eye of Ra. Now leave the area.

Slot 2 - In the Small Pyramid; go back to the Pyramid Village for a scene.

Slot 3 - In Ravi Town; take a stroll through the forest to the South, Ui Forest.

Save #12: Faluas School ~ 4.79 KB

Slot 1 - At Falua's School; saved Falua, speak to him then take a nap upstairs. After that, talk to him again.

Slot 2 - At Falua's School; looted the place, now attempt to leave the area.

Slot 3 - At Falua's School; take the stupid king back to the palace without him dying.

Save #13: Aroshu Castle ~ 4.79 KB

Slot 1 - In Aroshu Castle; explore the palace if you wish. If not, just head to the banquet on the 3rd floor.

Slot 2 - In Aroshu Castle; Blue was kidnapped by the demented, manic-depressive queen. Explore the area after the door with two axes above it.

Slot 3 - In Aroshu Castle; now is a good time to pick Blue up and leave the castle.

Save #14: Rekur Town ~ 5.33 KB

Slot 1 - In Akrass Town; make your way to Rekur Town to look for Red's father. It's a  good idea to clear out more items from your inventory now. A bit of long way to go without save point, shops, inns, etc for a while until you reach Rekur.

Slot 2 - In Rekur Town; head to the Inn for a scene.

Slot 3 - In Rekur Cave; keep moving forward for a boss battle.

Save #15: Atlantis Island ~ 4.79 KB

Slot 1 - In Akrass Town; obtained OPART, Old Map. Time to pay a visit to Dr. Hello, or you can just skip that part and head straight for Stonehenge.

Slot 2 - In Ravi Town; the save point before the point of no return. Clear out some items to make room for more items later on. There won't be any shops or inns after this point.

Slot 3 - In Atlantis Island, past the point of no return. Go for the inner area of the main building.

Save #16: Babel Dome Revisited ~ 4.85 KB

Slot 1 - At Atlantis Island; cleared the path to the main building.

Slot 2 - At Atlantis Island; obtained OPART, Feather.

Slot 3 - In Babel Dome; go down and take care of the monsters.

Save #17: Metal Bird ~ 5.22 KB

Slot 1 - In Babel Dome; go upstairs and speak to Dr. Hello.

Slot 2 - On the Metal Bird; explore the area for items if you wish, otherwise just move on. For some bizarre reason the OPART Feather ended up in Red's inventory, just hand it back to Blue to clear up a slot.

Slot 3 - On the Metal Bird; cleared some enemies ahead.

Save #18: Demon Tower ~ 5.27 KB

Slot 1 - At the World Tree; head for the biggest building in the area, the Demon Tower.

Slot 2 - At Demon Tower; cleared some enemies ahead.

Slot 3 - At Demon Tower; Ponga has left the party. Leave the tower for a long scene.

Save #19: The End ~ 5.16 KB

Slot 1 - In Oceania Town; peace has returned to the world. Ponga and Rain are gone for good. The world is monster free. When you are done screwing around, just head back to Brown G's house in Tania Town for the ending.

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