Soundtrack Preview

Here's a bunch of notable songs from Treasure Hunter G. To download a song, right-click the audio player and go to Save Audio As. If you want to download the entire soundtrack in a single zip, scroll further down.

A Drink to Victory 1.45 MB

Absence of My Father 4.89 MB

An Enticing Town 2.87 MB

Around the World 7.14 MB

Boss Theme 1.18 MB

Buddhist 3.93 MB

Come Here! I Defend You 3.43 MB

Emperor of Balladry 4.78 MB

Gemini Wing 1.33 MB

Go! Go! Kids! (Battle Theme) 4.37 MB

Hamarira Hahihi (Prelude) 3.31 MB

He Will Not Move 4.38 MB

Illicit Fishing Boat 2.63 MB

Let's Fight! 1.45 MB

That Shameful Daizaburou 3.49 MB

Whose Cat is This 3.61 MB

Winged Maiden 1.39MB

Wow, What a Story 4.03 MB

Treasure Hunter G OSTTreasure Hunter G OST

Full Soundtrack

Download the full soundtrack for Treasure Hunter G in a variety of formats and grades of quality. As for the album cover, I have here the official album cover and an alternate one using the game's titlescreen. I hope you don't mind that I added my own text to the official album cover. This was an intentional edit because the original text is glossy and beveled, resulting in it being illegible when scanned.

Treasure Hunter G OST (MP3 190 KB/s VBR)

The full soundtrack for the game, containing all 73 tracks. These are MP3s encoded at 190 KB/s with a variable bit rate. In other words, these MP3s were compressed to the smallest size possible without any noticeable loss of quality.

Download 175 MB
Treasure Hunter G OST (MP3 320 KB/s CBR)

The full soundtrack for the game, containing all 73 tracks. These are MP3s encoded at 320 KB/s with a constant bit rate. This collection is for people who want MP3s in the absolute highest quality possible.

Download 291 MB
Treasure Hunter G OST (RSN)

This zip contains the full soundtrack in RSN format. RSN music is the actual programming of the songs pulled from the game. With RSN, you are able to experience the soundtrack in the highest audio quality possible! Learn more about RSN files and how to play them in my Extracted Video Game Music Tutorial.

Download 225 KB
Treasure Hunter G OST (SPC)

SPC songs are exactly like RSN (above), with the exception that every song is a separate file.

Download 2.17 MB
Treasure Hunter G OST (MIDI)

This zip contains 10 MIDI files. I know it's not that many. This is all that's available.

Download 41.6 KB