Red is the eldest son of Brown G, a treasure hunter. He is sucked into a huge adventure when he has to go find Brown G in a cave, along with Blue and Silver. Red is the strongest attacker at any one time. As I'm sure you've guessed by his appearance, Red is the macho guy of the part. His sword techniques are very strong, and he has a great physical strength. He also has a great evade and the biggest HP total. Red is a little stingy on the ACT points, so he won't be able to move as much as Ponga or Blue. He also tends to start off battles in inconvenient locations, so he gets attacked more often than the others. On top of that, he is the only character who can't use a long range weapon.

Blue is Red's younger brother. He has a low self esteem and suffers from manic depression. He accompanies Red when he and Silver go to rescue Brown G. He never leaves Blue's side and looks to him for protection. Blue has the second greatest amount of ACT points of the party. This means he can move around more and attack more times than the others. His HP total is second only to Red's, and he has a good deal of physical strength. His Pike can cover two spaces, just like Ponga's cutters. He also has an absurdly high amount of SP. Blue's skills consist of traps, which are practically useless. Battles go by fairly quickly; Blue is better off attacking an enemy instead of taking a gamble with one of his traps. Also, Blue will hit anything in front or in back of him when he uses his spear. While this may be a good thing, most of the time he will end up hitting his allies as well as his enemies. Watch out when you're fighting in closed spaces!

Blonde hair with a ponytail, pink dress with a skirt, arms aligned to the angle of the skirt, with such body language indirectly saying, "I want to have sex with you, but I'm going to innocently be a tease without ever admitting it"... lol, what a stereotype of a girl. Whoever created this character has such a school girl fetish. Anyway, this mysterious girl was rescued, along with her pet monkey Ponga, from monsters by Silver G. Little is known of her past. She lives in Ruuri as well. As a typical strong mage/weak fighter, Rain possesses many powerful spells, including healing spells, and has the highest amount of ACT points out of everyone. Her Discus is weak, but allows her to attack with a smaller risk of being hit. She has bad defense, and starts out in very uncomfortable places.

Ponga was with Rain when she was rescued by Silver. He is unusually smart, and can do things no other monkey can, like use magic and play the violin. Ponga rocks! He is very well balanced in every category, and has a great deal of ACT points. His cutter will hit anything in a straight line up to two spaces away, and his magic is strong, curiously strong. He learns every attack magic spell in the game! Keep him well equipped and he won't disappoint you! Like Blue, you have to watch where you attack, as you can hit your allies if they are in the way. Ponga also needs constant renovation equipment-wise. Other than that, he's a great character. Although the game never explains why the hell Ponga of all characters is given the role of black mage. A cute monkey isn't exactly fitting for it.

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