I have an interesting treat for you here that no other section in my site offers. I present to you the official unofficial Treasure Hunter G Audio Drama! In these exciting and humorous audio episodes the beginning parts of the game have been reenacted in full detail. These were created by the talented, aspiring voice actor known as Kakeru Mark II. A special thanks to him for allowing me to host these files. If time/enthusiasm permits, in the future I may adapt them to Flash animations.

Treasure Hunter G Audio Drama - Episode 1
Length: 06:18, Size: 5.77 MB
Summary: Red and Blue are two brothers from the famous treasure hunting G family. They've come to live with their Grandfather, Silver, after an argument with their father. But every night Blue has terrifying dreams of widespread death and destruction! Could his dreams be a premonition of something to come? The trio of adventures set out to discover the truth when the father goes missing in Irato Cave.

Treasure Hunter G Audio Drama - Episode 2
Length: 04:28, Size: 4.10 MB
Summary: Into Irato Cave the three go! There they discover that great dangers lurk! Someone has been drilling deep into the cave. Who could it be? The treasure hunters press on deeper into the cave, fighting off humongous rat beasts. Much to their surprise, their father's stories are true! There really is an Iron Bird hiding deep within the cave! But just as they are about to explore further, disaster strikes! Someone has caused a cave in!

Episode 1 Director's Comments by Kakeru Mark II:

"At E-Play Anime I take great pleasure in recreating rare video games. Especially once that are translated in some way or another. I'm also a big fan of Sting's Evolution RPG series. When I heard about this Sting/Square RPG that never came to America, I knew I had struck gold. So I found the game, and played it a bit. It was everything I had hoped for. So I got started planning out a cast for the audio drama remake. "Tre G" was about to begin!

First of course, you have to cast the central characters. Since it starred two brothers, I figured my brother and I were the best choice. We are able to speak to each other face to face and ensure we're conveying enough feeling, where as other parts have be done through e-mail. A lot of the thoughts and feelings in the drama were pretty natural for us too as brothers.

My younger brother was not too happy with the idea of being Blue. Mind you, he had already been cast as Quatre of Gundam Wing in our past GW audio dramas. "Why do I always have to play the wimps?!" he moaned. He didn't like the idea of having to cry all the time, though I assured him that Blue's thrifty attitude suited him perfectly.

I already had practiced an older man's voice for prior roles such as the "Adventures of Momotarou". So playing both Red and Silver G was no problem. It's actually some of the most fun I've ever had! I get to be as crazy as I want.

The next choice was for Brown G. The father. There are very little adults in the amateur voice acting world... And even less good ones I might add. I had originally had my eye on a rather deep individual for the part of our father. But I remembered that he had to be someone that Blue's voice came from also. It couldn't be too deep. So I decided to pick Peter Odl for the part. Peter did the part perfectly, and I'm confident I made the best choice.

The last person was Havlut, also known as Harbatle in the ROM version. That character had an odd look on his face. Plus he seems a bit high strung. So I asked a recent recruit, EMcgo, to do a voice that he used to audition for Dr.Wily. It worked out great.

As far as the mixing goes, I went back and replayed the first village of Treasure Hunter G. I walked about in the game, and just made observations of animals and sights on a piece of paper. Then I did a search for those sounds. In audio dramas, recreating the environment is one of the most important aspects of the final mix. The music is taken directly from the Treasure Hunter G soundtrack."

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