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Treasure Hunter G is an RPG released for the Super Nintendo in Japan in 1996. It was developed by Sting and distributed by Squaresoft. The unofficial English translation was completed by Metalhawk in September of 2002. Much like Super Mario RPG, Treasure Hunter G also was made up of pre-rendered 3D graphics. This was also the last Squaresoft title for the Super Nintendo. Soon after was the shocking moment when Squaresoft left Nintendo saying, "OMG N64 sux0rs! it can't handle FF7!"

Battle System

Treasure Hunter G's battle system is quite similar to Final Fantasy Tactics. Attacks and spells have different attack ranges and effects. Like Fire spells and Red's Dash attack target enemies in a straight line, axe attacks push enemies back a space, a spear attack damages the enemy in front of you and then the enemy in back of you, etc. Instead of a movement span, you've got ACT (abbreviation for action). The closer you walk towards an enemy, the more ACT is consumed. Different enemies consume a different amount of ACT when you're close. The degree of ACT-consumption is shown by 3 colors: red for most, yellow for moderate, and blue for not much.

My Opinion

Treasure Hunter G is an amazing game! Seriously. The battles are so entertaining and the soundtrack is excellent. The pre-rendered 3D graphics make me scream like a teenage girl at a Backstreet Boys concert. There are scenes that will make you piss in your pants! Like Nintendo, Squaresoft also knows how to push the Super Nintendo to its limits. Like there's this one amazing scene with a pre-rendered 3D whale swimming across a 3/4 view mode 7 ocean! Since Treasure Hunter G was the last RPG that Squaresoft released for the SNES, it's only to be expected for everything about it to be top notch quality. The only thing that annoys me is that characters can only hold up to like 20 items, and you keep on getting more items almost every battle.

Locke's Review

My friend Jason puts together such excellent, detailed game reviews. He typed one up for Treasure Hunter G and allowed me to put it in this site. ^_^
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