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Sailor Moon RPG for the Super Nintendo

The Super Nintendo RPG based on the popular anime

Astronomers in the 30th century discovered an enormous celestial object drawing close to the Solar System. The eyes of the world stare with rapt attention as the comet soars ever onward.

While this is happening, an unknown epidemic has begun to spread throughout the city. And in the midst of this, several youths have vanished without a trace.

In search of answers, Neo Queen Serenity begins to pray to the legendary Legendary Silver Crystal. The crystal vibrates wildly, indicating that there is an evil enemy with enormous power behind this!

In the present, Chibi-usa is concerned if there will truly be no more monsters and peace is here to stay. Sailor Moon vows to preserve peace and protect the world from evil. “On behalf of the Moon, I'll punish you!

A highly nostalgic RPG

Sailor Moon: Another Story was released on the Super Famicon in Japan in 1995. It was developed by a lesser known company named Angel. Although this game never left Japan, in 1999 it unofficially became available in English thanks to fan translators.

This game is loaded with fan service! All of your favorite Sailor Scouts are playable characters. The storyline takes place after the third season of Sailor Moon. You'll see many references to the Queen Beryl saga, the Death Phantom saga (a.k.a. Wise Man saga), the Death Busters saga (a.k.a. Heart Snatchers saga), and others.

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Cute 16-bit graphics

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Two fun soundtracks

Two different soundtracks are available: the original SNES version and a CD-quality orchestrated version.

A Life Without Worry (Original)

A Life Without Worry (New)

Battle Theme (Original)

Battle Theme (New)

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Two ways to play

You can play the game traditionally with its Super Nintendo soundtrack. Or you can play it with the exciting and new CD-quality soundtrack, Moon Healing Orchestration. Love it? Hate it? No problem! Every version of the game is offered here.

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