This is the entire game of SaGa Frontier mapped out. I scanned these from the official player's guide. The quality of these maps are iffy; dark areas tend to be a little hard to see. It's not my fault, that's how they were printed in the guide.

Ancient Ship 313 KB
Baccarat 242 KB
Bio Research Lab 344 KB
Black Ray 219 KB
Black X Base 206 KB
CTC Building 328 KB
Cygnus 461 KB
Dark Labyrinth 102 KB
Despair 346 KB
Devin 212 KB
Doomsday Machine 368 KB
Facinaturu 1 MB
Forsaken Chapel 404 KB
HQ 518 KB
Junk 197 KB
Koorong 970 KB
Kylin's Paradise 375 KB
Kyo 323 KB
Luminous 253 KB
Magic Kingdom 0.99 MB
Manhatten 428 KB
Mondo's Base 208 KB
Mosperiburg 1.03 MB
Mu's Tomb 429 KB
Nelson 211 KB
Omble 220 KB
Owni 721 KB
RB3 399 KB
Scrap 515 KB
Sei's Tomb 327 KB
Shingrow 838 KB
Shingrow Ruins 491 KB
Shrike 439 KB
Tanzer 830 KB
Tartaros 895 KB
Time Lord's Realm 496 KB
Trinity Base 973 KB
Victoria 195 KB
Wakatu 811 KB
Yorkland 280 KB

And I have all these maps zipped up for you if you want to download them all at once.

All Maps Zipped 18.1 MB

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