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SaGa Frontier is a Squaresoft RPG, released for the Sony Playstation (a.k.a. PS1) in 1998. Although the title would make it seem like it's the first of the series, it's actually part 6 of the "SaGa" series. SaGa 1-3 was released here for Gameboy as Final Fantasy Legend 1-3. SaGa 4-6 were released for the SNES only in Japan as Romancing SaGa 1-3. Thanks to devote fan translators, we can enjoy Romancing SaGa 3 in English. Anyway, SaGa Frontier is much like its brothers and sisters, you decide who the main character will be. You get to choose from a swordsman, a super model, a robot, a monster, a mystic, a wizard or a bard. Each character has their own unique storyline and a different set of characters that can join your battle party. SaGa Frontier carries the SaGa legacy to even further horizons with more side-quests, more characters that can join you, more special attacks, more spells, more worlds to explore, more evil villains to beat, and more excitement! Yay!


You can have up to 5 characters in your main battle party. You can hold up to 2 more battle parties and switch to them before each battle. So you can have up to 3 battle parties and use which ever one you want for battle. Cool huh?! But since I crave power I only use one battle party. If you're a beginner then you should start out with T260G. Robots can't get as powerful as humans/mystics but they will always be very well balanced with strength and defense. They are also quite efficient with the management of their special attacks. The character development is very similar to SaGa Frontier's earlier brothers and sisters. You decide what a character will specialize in. If you always have them attack then their strength, maximum HP, and maximum WP will grow quite strong. If you always have them attack with magic then their max MP will grow and if they learned the gift of an element of magic then they will learn new spells of it. Quite nifty indeed. And there are two things that I like about SaGa Frontier: (1) HP is always restored after every battle (2) revive items/spells are not needed because any cure item/spell will automatically revive a fallen character as well as restore the amount of HP the given item/spell normally restores.


Here's my ultra-watered-down-super-happy-fantastic-blissfully-compressed SaGa Frontier walkthrough to help you get a jump start in the game. You can use it with any character at the point when you're free to roam any world.


I love SaGa Frontier! I find it so entertaining and addicting. My favorite part of SaGa Frontier is building up your battle party, which I think is the intended highlight of the game, because there's not much to offer in the storyline department. But I think what little plot is given to the characters is good enough for an enjoyable experience. Ah, as much as I like it, many other RPG fans feel the opposite. You'll come across quite a few people with nothing but negative things to say toward the game. Ultimately, SaGa Frontier is just one of those games that aren't for everyone. You'll either get pulled into it and mark it as one of your favorites, or you'll find better use of it as a doorstop or a paper weight (like how I currently treat my copy of FF8 >.> ). On another note, a lot of people have asked me where they can download or torrent SaGa Frontier's ISO. Well, it's kinda hard due to SaGa Frontier's unpopularity. Fortunately, I have it for download in the Downloads section.


For a more thorough review of SaGa Frontier, check out RPG Fanatic's YouTube video review.

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