Here you will find SaGa Frontier for download. As a bonus, I've included its sequel: SaGa Frontier 2.

» SaGa Frontier  - 247 MB

» SaGa Frontier 2  - 349 MB

Q: This download is a BIN and CUE file. What is that?
A: A BIN file is all the data of a CD saved as a single file (a.k.a. a CD image). A CUE file is a set of directions for burning software, that tells it how to properly burn the BIN image.

Q: How do I play the SaGa Frontier BIN/CUE?
A: You can either (1) Play it through PSX emulation via the BIN file, (2) Burn it to CD via the CUE file and play it through PSX emulation, or (3) if you have a modded Playstation, burn it to CD via the CUE file and play it on the real thing.

Q: Where can I download PSX emulators?
A: I have 'em in my site, click here.

Q: I need help with ePSXe! It looks so complicated.
A: I have an ePSXe tutorial in my site, click here.

Q: How do I get the SaGa Frontier BIN/CUE to load with ePSXe?
A: Go to "File" menu and click on "Run ISO". The "Open PSX ISO" window will pop up. Look for the BIN file, click on it, then click Open.

Q: With ePSXe the game is running too fast!!
A: That's a good problem, that means you have a fast computer. To resolve it go to Config > Video > Configure and choose "Nice".

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