Main Characters



"A robot that forgot its mission"

This highly sophisticated robot was constructed from readily available components and a core found buried at a mysterious crash site. Extremely intelligent and physically strong, it had an important mission. But due to damage, the nature of this mission has been lost. T260G will journey to recover its functions and to accomplish its forgotten directive.

T260G's quest is pretty cool. I think its quest is good for beginners because robots are the easiest/fastest characters to develop. They help make your battle party more stable. The only annoying thing about them is their means of regaining lost HP. The best solution to that is to recruit Enginecar, the self-repairing robot, from Nakajima Electronics in Shrike (think of it as a robot healer). Enginecar should also carry the Backpack item (gives a character full access to the inventory) so he can play the role of healer for everyone instead of just with robots.



"A superhero fighting against evil"

Endowed with superhuman abilities, Red lives among other humans as an apprentice engineer on the regional ship Cygnus. Years ago the evil syndicate BlackX killed his father and abducted his mother and sister. Left for dead, Red was saved by Alkarl, who came from the hold land of heroes and granted him amazing powers. Red is on a continuing search for BlackX and its followers.

Red's quest is fun! It's weird and a little cheesy, but still quite exciting. He turns into a "superhero" at several points in the game. Out of all my experiences with the SaGa Frontier characters, my most powerful battle party was with Red's quest. He learns some of the most powerful attacks in the game. And like with T260G's quest, Red's quest also has some flashy cool parts. It also seems like the longest quest.



"A magician destined to kill his brother"

Born a twin with an affinity for magic, Blue can access powerful spells. However, these powers have been divided by himself and his twin brother, and therefore Blue can currently reach only half of his full potential. According to the customs of this land, Blue must confront and destroy his twin brother to attain his true strength.

Blue's quest is very cool! With him, it's your job to make him learn every spell in the game. Now how cool is that?! So Blue is supposed to kill his twin brother, Rogue. If Blue loses to Rouge then you continue the game playing as him (with the same stats as Blue). My favorite part of Blue's quest is when he learns Time magic. SaGa Frontier's Time magic gives you several advantages during battle. The strongest time spell transports the battle to another dimension with the enemy paralyzed, and you get to attack the enemy freely in five rounds.



"A woman seeking to avenge her murdered fiance"

Formerly a successful fashion model, Emelia left the modeling industry disillusioned and unhappy with her life. Then she met Ren, who provided her with the love and security she thought she'd never find. They were quickly engaged, but to Emelia's horror Ren was murdered before they were married. Though she had only witnessed the crime, Emelia was charged with murder. Armed with the knowledge of the murder's identity, she escapes from jail to find the man responsible for destroying her happiness.

Emelia's quest is sad at times and cute other times. She uses several different outfits to "match" her situations. My favorite outfit is the first one when she's dressed up in a casino uniform, which looks like a Playboy bunny outfit. :p Emelia's ending shows some pretty cool 3D chibi pictures of her and the rest of her battle party.



"A wandering half-mystic in search of her identity"

Save from certain death by a transfusion of Mystic blood, Asellus became the first and only Human/Mystic half-breed on this world. Though grateful to Orlouge, the Mystic whose blood saved her life, Asellus wonders whether she is Human or Mystic.

I love Asellus! She's my favorite character. Her scenario begins with Asellus getting run over by a carriage. She wakes up in an exotic castle. Asellus eventually learns that she's half mystic and that all mystics are involved in some kind of cult worshipping a guy named Orlouge. A mystic named Princess White Rose eventually sides with Asellus (I love her too!). A challenging aspect with her scenario are the boss battles that continually hit you at random from the mystics pursuing her.

There's one awesome thing about Asellus' quest! At the beginning of the game when you're still in the mystic world, you can snag the Asura sword from the green guy in town (one of the most powerful swords in the game!). The only catch is that you have to sacrifice half of your life points for it. Equipping yourself with the Asura sword makes the game easier.



"A wandering minstrel from Yorkland"

A simple country boy, Lute leads a gentle and worry-free life. Giving up work for the love of his music, Lute seeks a new life and leaves his birthplace, instrument in hand, for the promise of song and adventure.

Lute's quest is the shortest and least eventful. From the very beginning, you're presented with Lute's final mission. Naturally, you can't jump into the final mission until you're properly leveled up. You have to go through all the game's side quests to do so. But I'd say Lute's final battle and ending is pretty cool; it has several 3D pictures.



"A monster seeking the rings of salvation"

Riki's homeworld, Margmel, is dying, and only the power of the legendary rings will prevent the entire region from being destroyed. Riki already has one ring in his possession, but all the rings must be brought together for the power to be strong enough. He has embarked on a search for the missing rings.

Riki's quest is the most challenging out of the rest of the characters, especially since he doesn't have that much freedom. I'm not a big fan of how the game handles monsters in your party. All the time you finish a battle you have the option for a monster(s) to change into another one. Most monster forms aren't too powerful. When I played Riki's quest, Riki was always the weakest character in my battle party. He always kept dying all the time! Despite all that, Riki's quest has some of the most gorgeous backgrounds in SaGa Frontier. Margmel (his homeland) is my favorite. And Riki is the only character that has a quest in the gorgeous Ring Lord's castle.



"An IRPO investigator who always gets his man"

Though his real name is Roster, his temperamental nature has led many to think of him as a short fuse. Hence, his nickname. Though his methods have been called "extreme," his perception and instinct make him without equal among his ranks. Today's investigation promises to be just like any other.

Fuse's scenario is exclusive to SaGa Frontier Remastered. He was planned for the original SaGa Frontier, but never implemented. In the Remaster, Fuse's scenario isn't available by default. It becomes unlocked after you beat your first character's scenario (any of the characters above).