The following screenshots were captured in 640x480 resolution with high-res 3D enabled. That means any 3D elements or 2D sprites rotated in 3D are shown in their sharpest resolution.

First Castle

1. Prologue

Richter challenges Dracula! Maria backs him up.
16 shots

2. Entrance

The first area of the game. Along the way you encounter Death.
9 shots

3. Alchemy Laboratory

The castle's evil laboratory. Boss battle with Gaibon and Slogra.
10 shots

4. Marble Gallery

The first area of the game. Along the way you encounter Death.
11 shots

5. Outer Wall

Outer Wall is connected to multiple areas. Boss battle with Doppleganger.
11 shots

6. Long Library

Talk to the librarian for an item shop. Boss battle with Lesser Demon.
14 shots

7. Chapel

A walk through the castle's evil church. Boss battle with Hippogryph.
11 shots

8. Colosseum

Here you meet the master of the castle? Boss battle with Werewolf & Minotaurus.
12 shots

9. Ice Caverns

A large area with two bosses: Succubus and Scylla.
27 shots

10. Clock Tower

A staple stage of Castlevania games! Boss battle with Karasuman.
8 shots

11. Olrox's Quarters

A town within the castle? Boss battle with the vampire, Olrox.
10 shots

12. Abandoned Mine

The dark caves below the castle. Boss battle with Cerberus.
7 shots

13. Catacombs

Venturing to the furthest depths of the castle. Boss battle with Granfaloon.
14 shots

14. Castle Keep

The battle against Richter, and then the Inverse Castle cometh!
13 shots

Inverse Castle

1. Welcome to Inverse Castle

Castle Keep, Clock Tower, Outer Wall, Library, Marble Gallery, Laboratory.
25 shots

2. The Nightmare Continues

Chapel, Olrox's Quarters, Colosseum, Entrance, Ice Cavern, Abandoned Mine.
22 shots

3. Final Battles

Catacombs, and the battle with Shaft and Dracula.
16 shots

4. Ending

Another Castlevania chapter comes to a close. Tis a fareweel to Alucard, or is it?
8 shots



Title screen, cd change, save room, teleport room, & game over!
5 shots