Game Saves for the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive version of Shining Force

Game Saves? What are those?

Did you accidentally delete your saved game in Shining Force 1 (on Genesis/Mega Drive)? Do you want to skip certain parts of the game? Whatever the case may be, these game saves are here to save the day! With them, you can continue at any major point in Shining Force.

How do I use these game saves?

These game saves are in “GS0” format. They can only be used with Kega Fusion and Gens on Windows. They're not supported on any other emulator or emulators on Android. Sorry about that! Blame the programmers for not making a universal save format.


To load a GS0 file, with Kega Fusion or Gens you do it via the File menu; as shown here. But if you need step-by-step directions on how to use game saves, check out my tutorial: Game Saves Tutorial.

The Saves

Chapter 1

Battle #1 32.3 KB

The first battle of the game. Everyone, including Gong, is leveled to lv3.

Battle #2 32.6 KB

Back to Guardiana.

Battle #3 34.2 KB

Onward to Alterone. Mae and Gort joined.

Battle #4 33.1 KB

Inside Altertone. Khris freed you from prison and joined.

Chapter 2

Battle #5 34.9 KB

The way to Manarina is blocked! This is the long battle with the zombies and black mages in the desert.

Battle #6 32.8 KB

Get the Orb of Light! Gotta love all those sleep-inducing, poison inflicting bats.

Battle #7 32.8 KB

The famous circus battle! Beware of Marionette's Freeve lv3!

Battle #8 32.9 KB

The famous church battle with all the zombies!

Chapter 3

Battle #9 33.7 KB

Battle at the quarry - free the invisible men of Bustoke!

Battle #10 36.9 KB

The bridge lies to the North East. Have fun inching your movement 5-ers across the looong forest.

Battle #11 32.4 KB

The famous bridge battle against Laser Eye!

Chapter 4

Battle #12 34.1 KB

The field battle against General Elliot!

Battle #13 32.1 KB

Battle at the front of Urbanatol, the harbor/fortress!

Battle #14 31.6 KB

Battle at Urbanatol's dock against Balbazak! If you win you obtain the ship.

Chapter 5

Battle #15 31.6 KB

The first battle on the ship!

Battle #16 34.1 KB

Battle at the Hidden Shrine of Waral! This battle background is my favorite in the game.

Battle #17 32.1 KB

The second battle on the ship!

Chapter 6

Battle #18 34.1 KB

Onward from Rudo to Dragonia!

Battle #19 34.5 KB

Battle in Dragonia against Cain! Bleu is in your party.

Battle #20 35.3 KB

Onward to Skull Fortress, the home of Mishaela!

Battle #21 33.2 KB

The famous battle against Mishaela insider her Skull Fortress.

Chapter 7

Battle #22 34.7 KB

Onward from Prompt to the Ancient Tower!

Battle #23 29.5 KB

Rescue Alef and Torasu inside Ancient Tower!

Battle #24 33.4 KB

Underneath Prompt Castle - defeat Chaos and get the Chaos Breaker sword!

Battle #25 34.8 KB

Onward to Runefaust kingdom!

Chapter 8

Battle #26 33.4 KB

Inside Runefaust Castle!

Battle #27 29.2 KB

Battle against King Ramladu at his throne!

Battle #28 29.7 KB

Battle against Colossus and his three heads!

Battle #29 30.2 KB

Battle against Dark Sol!

Battle #30 32 KB

Battle against Dark Dragon! Oh my!

The Ending! 33.3 KB

Execute that last blow and Dark Dragon is defeated! Then you can view the ending.